The Whales That Live in the World

A sperm whale is considered a relatively small animal, and most people think of sperm whales when they hear the word “whale.” But the truth is that there are two major families of these creatures: baleen and right whales. The most important distinction is that only the right whales have teeth.

Both of these species have two major habitats. Baleen whales live in the open ocean, feeding on plankton and krill. Right whales live in the colder waters of the Southern Hemisphere. The baleen whales will also feed on krill, but they are usually caught by passing boats or fishing nets.

Sperm whales are considered marine mammals. They are mammals that have a baleen (hair-like) beak that they use to filter their food from the water. These animals swim in pods of approximately ten individuals.

The “head” of these pods consists of seven members, while the rest of the group will contain five individuals. There are other characteristics of this species that make them unique.

For example, the main feed of these whales is fish. When mating season comes around, these whales become extremely aggressive with one another. They will sometimes lunge at each other and possibly bite or fling each other into the air.

The most distinctive smell that a whale emits is sulfur. They have a gland located at the back of their mouths that is what gives them their distinctive smell. Other types of sperm whales produce a white fluid called bilirubin. Bilirubin has an unpleasant odor and is often seen by other whales as a foul odor.

There is a way to tell which of these whales you are seeing: calves will be much smaller than adult whales. This is because they are still growing and are about three times smaller than an adult sperm whale. Another reason why these whales are small is because they cannot endure the cold temperatures of the ocean. They only live in the warmest areas of the ocean.

These species do not mate in the same place as other types of whales, but rather, they travel together. When mating season comes, they travel in huge groups of up to several hundred individuals. There are many sperm whales that travel in groups of thousands of individuals, and it is believed that these whales will have a number of offspring.

As mentioned before, these animals are solitary animals. They live on their own. They have only one to two sets of teeth because they use them to separate the sperm from the egg. There are other characteristics that make them unique.

In the winter, they feed on fish. During the summer, they eat squid and krill. They also eat krill in the winter but will take their food back to the warmer water. The females will stay out in the open all winter, feeding and caring for their young. During mating season, they will return to the warmer waters to give birth.

Most people think that humpback whales are the largest of all whales. However, when these whales come into contact with a ship, they tend to get agitated and start to approach the ship. They are not trying to attack the ship, but rather, are just curious. However, these whales will approach ships much more aggressively in the springtime.

Whales that live in the oceans are unique animals. The whales that live in the Northern Hemisphere can reach lengths of nearly 70 feet, and the whales that live in the Southern Hemisphere can reach lengths of over 60 feet.