The Weeknd releases video for ‘Take My Breath’ single

The video includes The Weeknd partying at a rave, where he satisfies a mystical female with an oxygen tank. She offers The Weeknd hits of oxygen prior to ultimately choking him with her braid and dragging him along a flooring. At the end, he is left alone on a dance flooring gasping for air.

“Take my breath away / And make it last forever, babe / Do it now or never, babe / Take my breath away,” The Weeknd sings in the video, directed by Cliqua.

The video was initially slated to debut in Imax theaters prior to screenings of “Suicide Squad,” however was pulled due to strobe lighting potentially triggering concerns for those with light level of sensitivity.

“Take My Breath” was produced by Max Martin and Oscar Holter.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.