The Walking Dead’s final season gets first trailer at Comic-Con 2021

The Strolling Dead is heading into its 11th and last season later on this year, and fans got a sneak peak of what’s next at the TELEVISION series’ San Diego Comic-Con panel. Throughout the panel, AMC launched the last season’s very first trailer which provides the program’s finest appearance yet at the Commonwealth. AMC hasn’t launched the trailer by itself on YouTube yet, however it starts at 2:00 in the panel stream.

As normal, the brand-new season’s trailer is quite disjointed and includes more real teasers and misdirection than genuine details. We see a lot of walker killing, some huge battles, and somebody getting bit, however the majority of the context is quite obscured.

We do, nevertheless, get a couple of clear indicators of what’s to come, consisting of the survivors taking on versus the Reapers, and a couple of peeks of guards using armored fits. In the end-of-trailer tease we learnt that these armored soldiers are in fact the security force in the Commonwealth, where the group will wind up at some time this season.

While we’ve gotten little tips of the Commonwealth from Stephanie in season 9 and 10, this brand-new trailer is our very first genuine take a look at the settlement and the very first time the name has actually been exposed. It appears the Commonwealth is a growing and possible enormous settlement of survivors — which was its function in the comics. While the trailer doesn’t hand out a lot of information from the plot, it does appear that the Commonwealth will play an essential function throughout season 11.

The Strolling Dead season 11 is set to premiere on AMC on Aug. 22 and will have 24 episodes divided in between 3 eight-episode blocks. The last block of episodes, and the series ending, will air at some point in 2022. Season 11 will likewise premiere one week early on Aug. 15 for anybody viewing on AMC Plus.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.