The Use Of White Lies In The Workplace

White lies are not considered a criminal offense in the UK. The law is however, very specific in terms of what can be considered a white lie and what cannot.


The truth is that lies have always existed and they have always been used by both sides of the war. However, white lies are much more widespread than one might think. From the office to the bedroom, lies can be used to cover up just about anything.


One of the biggest problems with white lie is that they have been taken on board at work by those who wish to lie and cover it up. This may well be to try to make their co-workers feel guilty for something and to try and get them off your back. While this may have worked previously, it is unlikely to be tolerated in the modern day workplace. So whilst you should expect to see a white lie in the workplace it is not an accepted practice.


Another problem with the use of a white lie is that they are not always the most honest of lies. Many of us are aware of some of the many instances where the truth was actually revealed and the person was punished for lying. These situations were either caught on tape or other documents were found which proved that the information that was being given was true. This is the main reason why the use of a white lie has never really caught on outside of the business environment. It simply isn’t that popular as far as the law is concerned.


As an example a manager would tell a staff member that he had an unscheduled day off to attend a conference and then in his absence went out to pick up some work that was due in the next day. However this would be viewed as a white lie by those people who had witnessed the whole thing and who would then report him to the human resources department.


It can also be difficult to prove that a white lie was made. This is because if the person is not honest about where and how he was supposed to have left the material the case could crumble quickly.


The use of a white lie is therefore seen as being a problem that is only going to become worse as the years go by. However there is a solution however.


The use of a ‘white-lying’ tip sheet can be just what you need to avoid all the problems that a white lie can cause. It is designed to help employees make sure that no white lie is committed in their absence and it includes all the possible scenarios.


A very common example of a white lie would be someone leaving work to go to the toilet. This is a very simple situation to avoid however it can lead to quite a lot of trouble if it is discovered.


When someone goes to the toilet, they should tell someone where they’re going so that they can find their own way back inside. This will mean that there is no problem but there could be some confusion on the part of other workers that someone is using the toilet. Therefore the use of a white lie tip sheet will prevent this.


Another example of a white lie that is quite common in the workplace is a time of being taken away. This is often a situation where someone is at home sick and needs some much needed time off from work. A sick employee may lie about going on a vacation or taking time off to be able to deal with an illness. This is a perfectly innocent lie but it is something that can put people off working together in the future.


When someone has a serious illness, it is a good idea to inform everyone involved where they are going and how long they are expected to stay away. This will prevent any misunderstandings that could be caused when the person does return to work.