The Super Mario 64 Lego Question Mark Block review: All about secrets

Among the more unforgettable elements of computer game timeless Super Mario 64 was finding the video game’s range of tricks. Going after a bunny through the basement, just to mistakenly dive through the wall, was a discovery. And it’s that secret component — and the sense of wonder and novelty it influences — that forms the basis for the magnificent brand-new Mario 64 Lego set, the Enigma Block.

The Enigma Block set has 2064 (how could they not?) pieces and functions numerous vignettes from a few of Mario 64’s renowned levels. There’s a small Bowser, a small Mario, and 2 of those god damned penguins. However the technique is that none of these vignettes show up prior to the block “transforms.” That’s right, this Lego Mario 64 set is privately a transformer.

In its finished kind, the block appears like a smooth, yellow box with normal Lego ridges on the white enigma. However with a light yank on one side of the cube, the leading turns out and the diorama unfolds. The block now serves as a represent vignettes of various levels. Peach’s Castle sits atop Lethal Lava Land, total with the huge, horned Bully. And on the sides, there’s Bob-omb Battleground and Cool, Cool Mountain.

Each of the dioramas includes many Easter eggs — some covert inside the castle structure itself — however they’re not the set’s only tricks. The outside of the block likewise includes a little hatch, totally undetectable unless you understand where to pull. By raising the hatch, you’ll see a small Lego Bowser gazing back at you. If you push down on him, a lever triggers and a bottom piece on the set opens, turning down and developing a little platform.

The platform houses a turntable that you can hook Bowser’s tail to. If you connect your small Mario to the turntable, you can spin King Koopa around and around, yelling, “So long, gay Bowser!” to yourself for hours. Or you might simply connect Princess Peach so she can lastly get the vengeance she’s owed.

The Mario 64 Enigma block is a complex develop with a lots of various pieces, however like lots of Lego sets, it’s smooth once you’ve developed it. And it’s that seamlessness that protects the lots of tricks within. If you were to just reveal somebody the block and inform them the number of hours you’d invested developing it, they’d most likely start to question how you invest your time. However like a piece of sweet, the shell is simply there to make it look quite — whatever you desire is within.

Super Mario 64 is rather simple if you never venture off of Nintendo’s specific star path. But to get all 120 stars, you have to think outside the box, get every coin, and stare into the sun. As a static toy, the Lego Question Mark Block takes Mario 64’s philosophy and emulates the video game about as well as an inflexible piece of plastic can. That’s why I loved putting this Lego set together.

To the incurious, the Lego Question Mark Block is simply a big hunk of plastic. However for me, its contractor, it’s a complex device with loads of information waiting to be found.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.