The Stylish Personality of the Audi A6

What is so special about the Audi A6? Why does this SUV-cum-supercar have such an appealing personality?

Yes, it is a luxury vehicle. This SUV has many features that offer comfort and value. But let’s not neglect its most important feature – its style.

It is the distinguishing factor of this car. And what makes the Audi A6 looks different from other SUVs?

Engine: The engine has been developed as one of the most effective aerodynamics and the type it uses is known as V6. This engine has direct injection. The intake and the combustion of the fuel are regulated. Therefore, the air in the combustion chamber can be absorbed with the help of the catalytic converter, which also contributes to the low noise.

Bumpers: The Cowl Flaps is made of a very tough material. The design features a unique split surface and by using this surface it allows airflow to be directed properly.

Roof: These days, a modern SUV is most often a rear-wheel drive vehicle. The roof can be a very stylish accessory to this SUV and this is where the Audi A6 is different. A luxurious and stylish roof, a clever air venting system and a fog lamp – all of these add up to the enhanced aesthetic appearance of the Audi A6.

Roof lights: They play a very significant role in the protection of the driver and the passengers and this is one of the most important design feature of the Audi A6. The roof lights are the first thing that you see when you step out of the vehicle. They can be easily operated by hand or by remote control and this will help you in your drive.

Doors: The door handles of the SUV are elegantly designed and very sophisticated, for the reason that they are the strong support of the doors. Therefore, the door handles are added to the interior design.

Luggage Space: The volume of the trunk and the luggage space has been considerably increased. This feature adds the value to the Audi A6.

Cowl Flaps: The A6 has a two-toned fabric covering, which is usually a part of the exterior appearance of the car. However, the A6 now comes with a silver tone of fabric, which adds a new dimension to the overall appearance of the SUV.

Rims: The body is all covered with aluminum alloy rims and these have been said to offer a great control and safety. The spokes are a great solution for the purpose of acceleration. Moreover, the Audi A6 is equipped with the RWD so that it can take the maximum advantage of the wind resistance at the point of departure.

While each of the above mentioned features adds up to the complete interior design of the car, the architecture of the front wheels has been chosen for its practical purpose. The wheel spindle is connected to the axle of the front wheels, which adds a new dimension to the overall driving experience.