The Skylia Prophecy Is Now Available For Digital Pre-order And Pre-download On Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Mirenia is an 18 years of age lady on a mission for redemption. After releasing a wicked power when she was a teen, she is now on her method to Tirkin Fortress to carry out an ancient spell that ought to assist her beat the extremely wicked she let loose 3 years back.
Now, nearing completion of her mission, she shows up in the towns simply outside the fortress, where beasts damage, girls are being raped and males are being butchered. Equipped with her relied on Guard Blade, Mirenia is so close of undoing the errors of her past. Will she prosper or eventually just make matters even worse?

The Skylia Prediction is a sidescrolling action-rpg embeded in a middle ages dream world. As Mirenia, you will journey throughout the lands and towns, check out ancient dungeons and fight crowds of the undead in this difficult as hell experience influenced by the ‘eliminate the gamer’ approach of the ‘Souls’ video games. Along your method you will satisfy individuals of these lands, who will ask you to assist them, offer you effective products and expose tricks to help you on your journey. By engaging with the townsfolk, you will eventually recieve benefits that make the video game easier in the long run – hence, you set the trouble for the last strech yourself!
Will you discover redemption or eventually wind up amongst the dead?

The Skylia Prediction will challenge you on every turn with its difficult however reasonable trouble, effective managers and exploration-based riddles.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.