The Sims 4’s Neighborhood Stories gives free will to other Sims

On Tuesday, Maxis revealed a huge modification that’s on the method an approaching upgrade. It’s a brand-new function called Area Stories, presenting gameplay minutes that take place to Sims beyond the gamer’s control. This resembles a popular function from The Sims 3 called Story Development. When you’re not enjoying, next-door neighbor Sims will live their own lives. They might pick a brand-new profession, have an infant, or divorce their partner. Area Stories is set to be launched for The Sims 4 on Nov. 30, 2021.

To begin, Area Stories will be somewhat restricted. The function will be concentrated on a couple of life modifications for Sims in your character’s instant area, like coworkers or bar pals. In the future, more Sims will be impacted, and they’ll make more choices without the gamer’s input. Nevertheless, you still get to manage how things establish. Next-door Neighbor Sims with a huge issue on their mind will call you for input, or you can just point a Next-door neighbor towards a choice to motivate them to make it themselves.

This includes some enjoyable chances to be an excellent next-door neighbor — or to cause mayhem on everybody around you. You can be a matchmaker and motivate similar individuals to get together, or you can separate relationships and swoop in on the newly-single Sim. This comes with brand-new Goals: Area Confidante, for those who like to aid, and Villainous Valentine for those who choose the juicy drama of a split.

Area Stories will become part of a totally free upgrade on Nov. 30, and Maxis will keep upgrading the system. This very first upgrade develops a structure for Next-door neighbor Sims acting upon their own, and we might see more wild Sims stories as an outcome.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.