The Secret to Viral Music Promotion

Viral music promotion is an important tool that can help you get more fans and listeners to your songs. In this article, I will show you how you can effectively use viral music promotion to reach a wider audience.

One of the most common ways to promote a song is to go to your local record store and buy a physical copy of the song. Unfortunately, most people don’t like the idea of waiting in line at a store and will often opt to buy a CD instead. This leaves you with no business, and you have wasted money.

However, if you put a little work into viral music promotion, then it’s possible to make the most of your efforts. Here are three strategies for getting your message out, both online and offline.

One of the most important aspects of viral music promotion is finding a song that is not only popular but also has a great deal of exposure already. Your song can be related to your product or business, or it can be related to another popular song, whether in the pop or alternative genres.

Find another song that isn’t as popular yet but is quite similar to your track. A quick search on Google will show you where many people have found the original copy of the song. Either purchase this track or download it for free from one of the thousands of file sharing sites that exist today.

Now that you have your song and an alternate version of it, send copies of these to local music venues. You can find venues in your area by searching for ‘music venues’ on Google. By contacting the same venues that you find online, you can get your song played to a larger audience.

Once you’ve gotten your song into local music venues, make sure that you’re keeping the track in play on your website and in your email signature. By providing the link to the viral music promotion, people who may not know about the original song or may not have any interest in buying the copy can find it online. This will help you to continue to reach more people, even if they don’t know the song or have no interest in buying it.

After you have posted a few links to your great new song on your website, it’s time to find out where your fans are coming from. Do a Google search and find out which of your tracks get the most hits. You can also send your fans to the Google page where they can download your song for free.

Finally, you can continue to build your email list of fans who have listened to your song, by sending them messages and other types of promotion. Promote your song on social media sites, get your favorite songs featured on email marketing tools, and participate in fan forums.

Once you have all of these strategies in place, you can begin to think about ways to expand your reach and further your viral music promotion. To build a bigger fan base, give your fans an incentive to let their friends and followers know about your track.

There are some sites that allow you to send music to your friends for free, so why not take advantage of this opportunity? Create a newsletter for your fans, and send them a link to your site that allows them to listen to your song for free. Take this opportunity to further your brand by giving your fans additional incentives.

With a little effort, you can do just about anything you want with viral music promotion. Learn how to do it properly and watch your profile grows exponentially. If you want your music to go viral then get a campaign using iTunes Exposure. With over 15 years of experience you can promote your single, album, or EP worldwide.