The Protégé: Maggie Q reveals new poster and exclusive preview details

In an action-movie age specified by close battle, pure physicality, and firmly choreographed gunplay à la John Wick, reasoning would determine that Maggie Q get her own stunt phenomenon. The Nikita star has actually been among Hollywood’s go-to female action gamers for almost twenty years; after breaking in with 2001’s Heavy Traffic 2, she’s appeared in whatever from huge Hollywood smash hits (Objective: Difficult 3, Live Free or Pass Away Difficult) to Chinese action dramas.

Thankfully, director Martin Campbell (Gambling Establishment Royale) made it take place: In this summer season’s The Protégé, Q stars as Anna, an assassin captured in a video game of feline and mouse with a charming killer, played by Michael Keaton. The film puts the star front and center to bend every muscle. Maggie Q is the film — and the film poster, which Polygon solely debuts listed below.

“It is really exciting to have a vehicle that you can put your heart and soul into,” Q states over e-mail. “I can’t think of one aspect of this movie that wasn’t a huge challenge for me. I will say the support and challenge were equal.”

the protoge poster with maggie q

Image: Lionsgate

For Campbell, Q was the unusual diverse entertainer who might maintain with Keaton, and rapidly establish a significant relationship with Samuel L. Jackson’s coach character, however combine the characterization directly into the battle choreography.

“She has that wonderful combination of her skills as an actress and her skill at being able to do action,” Campbell edits e-mail. “The bit where she jumps over the balcony and drops 3 or 4 floors she did herself. She was trained by Jackie Chan, so that’s a huge advantage. She’s extremely good at action and timing and was hardly doubled at all in the movie. We were very lucky to have her […] she did it all.”

Campbell states his group went to fantastic lengths to perform The Protégé’s set pieces as almost as possible. Visual results were utilized to boost the environments and eliminate cable televisions here or there, however understanding that his lead was completely efficient in carrying out in any circumstance offered the director flexibility to manage larger on-set stunts.

“They’re all the real thing and a lot of times it’s the actors doing it themselves, which is what I like,” Campbell states. “The truth is I like real action and not visual effects action, which I think in a lot of cases takes you out of the movie. The action is all possible in this movie.”

“Every action role is different for sure, especially because no matter what kind of experience you have had in the past, you are generally always working with a different action team,” Q states. “It’s really about taking the knowledge that I have built in all these experiences and hoping that I will have chemistry with the action coordinator/fight coordinator so we can produce quality with trust. If I don’t trust them it’s already game over on what we can achieve together. I have had that happen but very rarely, on this one I was lucky to work with people I really respected.”

For Q, the “biggest mountain” to get on The Protégé was going toe to toe with Keaton. “He’s so incredible, an actor of a different caliber. Our chemistry mattered a lot, and I wanted to be able to create something unexpected with it,” she states. “[Anna] is surrounded by older men in this movie who have unique experiences under their belt. Certainly her mentor is the person who taught her everything she knows. It feels like she’s an amalgamation of her teachers and challenges — which are male influenced. She then becomes a unique product of her surroundings, keeping everything she is as her closest asset. The story stems from deep loss which I think is a great equalizer in many ways. No one is immune to it.”

In the end, all of Q’s options — from the intimate to the action-driven — worked for Campbell. “She’s so good, which means that my job as a director was much easier. She’s actually the only female action character I’ve ever worked with, and she makes life very easy.”

The Protégé will be launched in theaters on Aug. 20.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.