The planned SilverHawks reboot has a whole lot of potential

The 1986 animated TELEVISION series SilverHawks, a buddy series to the Rankin-Bass hit ThunderCats and the later series TigerSharks, might be getting a revival. A special report today in Due date states The Nacelle Business, which produces the Netflix fond memories series The Motion Pictures That Made United States and The Toys That Made United States, has actually partnered with San Francisco toy and culture home Super7 to reboot the program, which ran for 65 episodes in the mid-1980s.

Drawing from the very same visual aesthetic and a few of the very same styles as the earlier ThunderCats spin-offs, Rankin-Bass produced the 3 programs back to back. Nevertheless, SilverHawks and TigerSharks never ever handled the very same level of appeal as ThunderCats, and they didn’t last almost as long. While ThunderCats got its own fantasy-drama reboot in 2011, and was later on retooled for a hyper comedy-shorts series called Thundercats Holler in 2020, SilverHawks and TigerSharks have actually stayed relatively unknown, mainly precious by fans of 1980s animated dream.

However simply as the 2011 ThunderCats reboot elaborated on the initial series’ dream setting and included intrigue and much deeper character relationships and inspirations, a contemporary SilverHawks reboot has a great deal of capacity. It might likewise serve to develop a more engaging and completely recognized world around what was at first a relatively shallow setup. SilverHawks centers on a group of cyborg area polices, “partly metal, partly real,” battling the changing alien mob manager called Mon*Star. Just like ThunderCats, the program concentrated on the heroes’ found-family group characteristics and cooperation as they took on a deep rogues’ gallery of foes themed around animals, robotics, music, and a lot more.

The initial 1980s ThunderCats had a strong foundation in its core Egyptian style: The bad guy is a mummy who resides in a pyramid, the heroes are cat-people, and the subsidiary bad guys are humanoid variations of animals that include plainly in Egyptian folklore, consisting of jackals, crocodiles, vultures, and monkeys. SilverHawks constantly felt a lot more thematically disorderly, and like it happened in a far bigger setting. (A minimum of till ThunderCats’ last period, when the action transferred to area.) The background is a whole galaxy, where the SilverHawks take on versus a variety of unusual plans. Thus lots of 1980s animated dreams, it showcases a great deal of range and creativity, and very little depth. It appeared simply as much an echo of Japanese series like Voltron and Area Battleship Yamato (or Star Blazers in America) as its own distinct world.

However that absence of a strong and in-depth setting provides Nacelle and Super7 a great deal of space to work in regards to upgrading the series for a more contemporary audience — there are lots of intriguingly drawn characters, like the non-verbal alien mime fairy Copper Kidd, who might lastly get more of a backstory and a world to suit. It simply stays to be seen what the business wish to do with the reboot, and whether audiences who didn’t purchase the SilverHawks toys and tune into the program back in 1986 are prepared to enjoy it now.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.