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The One Borderline Broken ‘Destiny 2’ Seraph Gun You Must Craft, And Why

Destiny 2 once again has another 10 weapons to craft this season, and while I’ve made plenty of guides on how to get a lot more red borders than usual this time around, after crafting 9 out of 10 weapons so far, I’ve discovered a gun that’s been buzzed about for a little while now, one that you must craft and use before it possibly gets hit with a nerf.

That would be the new Seraph weapon, Retrofit Escapade. It’s a machine gun. Yes, a regular machine gun, not one that does anything wacky like Xenophage or Grand Overture. Bungie has been slowly buffing machine guns to make them more appealing as easy crowd-clear options, but a traditional machine gun has really not been the meta for boss DPS in ages. That…may be changing because of Retrofit Escapade.

There are three keys to what’s going on here:

  • Retrofit Escapade as a 900 rpm machine gun.
  • Target Lock, a new perk that spools up to something like a 40% damage increase if you stay fixed on a target.
  • Volatile Rounds, which can be triggered on all three void 3.0 classes through grenade kills, but can be accessed all the time on Hunter through Gyrfalcon invisibility after a buff this season.

So, while I don’t know every technical detail here, there’s something about combining the insanely high RPM of the machine gun with the massive damage increase of Target Lock that gets volatile rounds to trigger a bazillion times in a row. Some are saying this is a visual bug, and volatile rounds does have an internal cooldown that cannot be broken. That may be true, but the explosions themselves are so forceful and so frequent they can send even dungeon bosses spiraling away. And the damage is…the damage is huge. I’m not sure if it edges out every god roll linear fusion while hitting perfect shots, but it’s very, very good and at least gives you another option in the slot.

As for the crafting itself, you do want to enhance Target Lock as it ups the total damage it gives out. I have picked Fourth Time to get ammo returned on hit, though enhanced does not do much on a 900 RPM machine gun, as it just allows more time between shots for it to count. Other people have picked Field Prep for more reserves and faster reload. Zen Moment also makes it kind of a laser, even after such high rpm. I had backup mag on this at first, but I think boss spec is going to be better overall.

Generally speaking this is going to be a weapon you want to use on a Gyrfalcon Hunter. Relying on grenade kills for volatile rounds is going to generally be too inconsistent for Titans and Warlocks unfortunately, albeit I suppose it’s not impossible. It’s probably the most fun I’ve had with a gun all season, and I do recommend you go for this roll once you’ve gotten the pattern.

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