The next World of Warcraft book is all about Sylvanas

A brand-new Wow book is offered to pre-order, and it’s focused around among the series’ most popular characters. Warcraft: Sylvanas will be launched on Nov. 9, composed by Christie Golden. An audiobook will likewise be offered, voiced by Patty Mattson, who plays Sylvanas in Wow.

Sylvanas Windrunner has actually been the main figure of the Fight for Azeroth and Shadowlands growths, and she’s in the middle of a long video game of 4 dimensional chess. While some Wow books have to do with bridging the space in between growths and concluding particular stories, Sylvanas will likely be closer to Arthas: Increase of the Lich King or Illidan, because it will be a character research study. The book returns to Sylvanas’ early life and tracks her development through Warcraft 3 and early Wow, prior to sharing her existing status and objectives.

It’s a fascinating time for Sylvanas, as she is presently prepared as the last employer of the 9.1 raid, Sanctum of Dominance. Gamers are presently uncertain what occurs to Sylvanas after the battle — in current history, we haven’t been eliminating crucial tradition characters frequently. Rather, we typically hurt or catch them, which implies their story can continue in later spots. This book might play into the raid, or happen after the occasions of the battle. It’ll likewise likely settle previous inconsistencies and develop the canon timeline of Sylvanas’ plots and strategies.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.