The next generation of everything: The biggest micro-trends of 2021

The experience of being online in 2021, and even Exceptionally Online, typically makes us stop and ask, “Wait, people are doing what now?”

Every day, brand-new micro-trends emerge, just to end up being old news in the next 5 minutes. Keep in mind sea shanties on TikTok? The viral minute might too have actually taken place 10 billion years back.

It’s difficult to maintain with everything, however it’s an excitement to attempt. In this collection of stories, Polygon examines the patterns that are on the edge of exploding worldwides and fandoms we follow. We’ve likewise tapped some ingrained professionals and plugged-in citizens to discuss what they’ve discovered in their particular corners of the web.

Check out quickly. These patterns will self-destruct in 10… 9…

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.