The Mitchells vs. the Machines’ lead character has some movies you should watch

Ambitious filmmaker Katie Mitchell, the imaginary animated lead character of Netflix’s The Mitchells vs. the Makers, now has a Letterboxd account, and she’s formally exposed her leading films of perpetuity. The character’s primary choice? Picture of a Girl on Fire, with Girl Bird being available in 2nd, and Harold and Maude, Shrek Retold, and Ratcatcher completing her Leading 5. There’s a great diverse mix of films here, talking to the sort of aspirational individual tastes Katie flaunts in the vibrant animated movie. (The SpongeBob SquarePants Motion Picture, for example, fractures the Leading 10.) Stalk it for some additional insight into Katie’s character, or simply for your own To-Watch list.

In addition to what she calls her more pompous photos, she likewise has a list particularly committed to dinosaur films to see with her little bro Aaron, and a list of scary to see with her sweetheart Jade. The entire profile has plenty of terrific little information to check out.

From directors Mike Rianda and Jeff Rowe and manufacturers Phil Lord and Chris Miller, The Mitchells vs. the Makers follows an extremely inefficient household captured up in the robotic armageddon. It’s a clever movie about the technological divide in between generations, with stunning animation and laugh-out-loud minutes. Katie’s Letterboxd profile follows somebody, in character as Katie, took control of Going over Movie’s Twitter previously today. The Letterboxd profile most likely likewise originates from among the filmmakers — and it’s most likely an effort to improve the motion picture’s profile as awards season continues, particularly after the motion picture was neglected in the very best Animated Function Movie classification at this year’s Golden Globes.

The Mitchells vs. the Makers is streaming on Netflix.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.