The Masters, golf’s greatest week, returns

Apr. 5—The best week in golf has actually returned.

I understand it’s just been 141 days given that Dustin Johnson wore the green coat and won the 2020 Masters Competition, however I will confess, I have actually been prepared for today given that Nov. 16.

There will be some normalcy back as a minimal variety of clients will go back to Augusta National, and I’m thrilled about it.

To hear the crowd’s holler once again will just enhance today for me. When once again, due to COVID-19 and well simply being low-woman on the golf media totem pole, I’ll be seeing today from my sofa, however I am prepared.

A few of you might understand about the “Taste of the Masters,” a celebration package that individuals can purchase to bring the competition into your house. It consists of a pound of pimento cheese and egg salad along with a pound and a half of barbecue meat. There will likewise be potato chips, chocolate chip cookies, pecan caramel popcorn, and 25 Masters cups with the logo design on them — a golf fan’s dream if you ask me.

In 2015, they provided this package for the clients who weren’t permitted to go to however altered it this time around and selected to offer it to everybody — an excellent method to let all strolls of life experience a piece of the Masters.

I instantly got on this to get a taste of a competition I long to go to and ultimately cover as a sports press reporter. While it will not be the exact same, it’ll suffice.

For as long as I can keep in mind, my auntie, uncle and I would get together and enjoy Sunday at the Masters. It is among the factors I like golf. In my family, you do not miss out on a minute of this week.

Heck, even Georgia football’s coach Kirby Smart altered G-day, the yearly spring video game, to either come the week prior to or after so Georgians didn’t need to choose which to enjoy. That is how crucial Masters week is here, however I make sure our readers understand this all too well.

While a few of the customs are still on hold for COVID-19, simply permitting clients back in those gates will hold us over for another year.

Prior to we get unfathomable into this column, I wished to offer Johnson applause for not serving sandwiches at Tuesday’s Champions Supper.

With pigs in a blanket and lobster and corn fritters as the appetiser, my mouth instantly begins to water. Include a great salad, and Johnson kept me captivated. For the main dish, filet mignon and miso-marinated sea bass with mashed potatoes and spring veggies — this southern lady was choosing her clothing to go to.

Though it was the dessert that offered me on all of it — peach cobbler and apple pie with vanilla ice cream, it does not get anymore southern than that, and I can just picture how great the chef’s desserts are at Augusta National.

Possibly it’ll offer Johnson best of luck today to possibly duplicate? Who understands, however I desire them to send me any leftovers they have.

Now that I have actually provided the 2020 champ some credit, I wish to strike on a number of my preferred customs and after that offer a fast forecast on who I believe will play well and perhaps place on that green coat.

My leading custom, and this might not even be one, however Augusta National’s no mobile phone policy is the very best. As somebody who survives on her phone, I would offer it up for 4 days to stroll that course and take that week and all its appeal.

Another among my preferred customs is the par-3 occasion. While it isn’t occurring this year since of COVID-19, I like seeing the spouses, sweethearts, kids and households out there playing with the golf players, making memories. Something about that occasion makes my heart pleased, particularly when the relative do excellent things — taking a look at you, Gary Nicklaus making a hole-in-one throughout it in 2018.

Those memories need to be a few of the golf players’ preferred, and they would be mine too.

My last preferred custom just began 2 years earlier, in the Augusta National Women’s Amateur.

It’s genuinely amazing that the very best amateur ladies in golf get to deal with Augusta National after many years of being male-only. Females are breaking barriers, and while they just get practice and the last round on the course, perhaps one day, the ladies will play all 3 rounds on Augusta National. Infant actions in the meantime, however seeing those ladies motivate me to improve, and I understand they’re motivating the future women of the video game.

Seeing 17-year-old Tsubasa Kajitani win in a playoff reveals us how extremely gifted these women are. Bobby Jones would have been happy to see the 2019 and 2021 ladies handle the course.

I might continue about the customs, however I’ll just do 3 in the meantime since we’d be here for days if I do not stop now.

When once again, the Masters field has lots of the very best worldwide, like it is every year, however there is a various buzz surrounding it this year.

The Rory McIlroy has a hard time, no Tiger Woods, Brooks Koepka health status, Justin Thomas being Justin Thomas and Bryson DeChambeau playing great golf heading into today — there are many stories.

Then you toss 2015 Master winner Jordan Spieth winning the Velaro Texas Open a week previously — mayhem can occur.

Spieth lastly has actually put all of it together after trending upwards for the last couple of months. I believe it’s best timing too. Ideally, it’ll offer him the self-confidence to stun some individuals as Spieth understands what it requires to win a green coat.

Some believe McIlroy’s battles will unbelievely vanish today, and I are among those individuals who are at least hoping they do. He is one Masters’ win far from the grand slam, and as a huge fan, I desire it to all come together. Given that he isn’t on numerous radars, he might stun some individuals.

After DeChambeau’s crisis in 2015, I hope the Augusta National team has actually made the out-of-bounds locations a bit more difficult to keep today like it’s expected to be.

I’m most likely among the only ones who does not wish to see him hammer the course. Augusta National is far too prominent for him to attempt and run over it. Play the video game as it’s expected to be played, Bryson. Although he’s been carrying out well, I do not believe he gets a green coat today.

Then there are the 6 golf players from the Golden Isles in the field — Harris English, Hudson Swafford, Brian Harman, Zach Johnson, Matt Kuchar and Michael Thompson.

English hasn’t played excellent just recently however has actually spent some time off, so perhaps he will put all of it together and make a run. Kuchar and Harman both played well just recently, so I would not count them out either. Johnson is likewise somebody, as a previous Masters champ, that might put it together and stun some folks.

I believe today is going to be among the very best Masters we have actually had in a while. I’m not discounting what Johnson did in 2015 or Tiger’s return win in 2019, however my instinct states 2021 is going to stun some individuals, and I cannot wait to witness it.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.