The Lost Cube Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

The Lost Cube is a difficult 2D Pixel Art platformer video game. Ulrik is on the journey to recuperate the read wonderful cube which is eliminated by the wicked dark forces leaving the town land unfertile. The red cube integrated with Ulrik’s common guitar plays a wonderful tune witch can restore joy and life to the town. Ulrik should remain calm and focused to make it through the unforgiving environment and beat the wicked dark forces.

About The Video game

The story occurs someplace far in the northern Europe, where a little town is blessed to keep producing fresh vegetables and fruits as the tune is played every day when the red wonderful cube is integrated with Ulrik’s old guitar.

In a difficult platformer video game, motivated by Sper Meat Young Boy & Celeste. You play as Ulrik who has no weapons it has and the only method to finish 80 Levels & 2 manager battles is by remaining focused and prevent the unforgiving traps and opponents in the environment.


In The Lost Cube, your persistence will definitely be checked. You require to remain focus to prevent being eliminated continuously and prevent the opponents by discovering the proper way to reach the website.

– 80 Levels topped 4 seasons. Each level has it’s own style and distinct opponents which will keep you engaged and amused.
– Experience the abrupt break in the category and beat the opponents in an unlimited runner gameplay.
Gather the Guitar Picks, total the video game with minium death count, and speed run the level to open the accomplishments.
Immerse yourself in a quiet world of surprise guitar strings and climatic sound results.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.