The latest Dreams update brings a new game from Media Molecule

Dreams is silently among the most terrific and psychopathic things in the PlayStation library, a location to play and produce video games and experiences as differed as a spooky Seinfeld headache, a lovely reproduction of Stardew Valley’s Pelican Town, or merely, a stunning breakfast. If there’s anything holding Dreams back, it isn’t creativity. It may be individuals, though: more of them might be making things in Dreams. The video game’s newest upgrade may assist.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog Site, Media Particle information the current Dreams upgrade, that includes considerable additions for Dreams fans who delight in producing, and those who would likewise rather simply play. For the previous, Dreams now has a design template system, permitting developers to begin with a fundamental structure in location based upon the category of video game they’d like to make: A platformer, a dungeon spider, or miniature golf, for instance.

“Since launching Dreams, we’ve found that DreamShaping can be overwhelming for new players,” writes Media Molecule’s Jen Simpkins. “With our new template system, and a reworking of the DreamShaping UI, we hope this huge update will help make getting started making games in Dreams quicker, easier and more fun than ever before.”

The update also comes with Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale, a new dungeon crawler made by Media Molecule in Dreams. Players will assume the role of the orc Scoria (or their sibling Gabbro in local co-op) on a quest to “cure their grandma’s terrible snoring.” Like everything Media Molecule does, it’s likely overwhelmingly full of charm — and in keeping with the update’s theme, DreamShaping will come with a design template based on Ancient Threats.

Ideally, this will influence more to take a look at the production tools in Dreams, or motivate them to dive back in and see what folks have actually depended on there. I’m sure the most terrific, and many scary, productions possible in Dreams have yet to be made.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.