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The Latest Destiny 2 Patch Is Now Available

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Latest Destiny 2 patch
The new patch for Destiny 2 is now available

The Destiny series has become one of the most celebrated video game series in recent times, and it’s not difficult to understand why. Destiny 2 has been out since 2019 and the reception it received was monumental, to say the least, and now the latest Destiny 2 patch is available for fans across the world.

The series began back in 2014 with the original Destiny, which was lauded for its gameplay, graphics, and for maintaining some form of lineage to the Halo franchise. But it wasn’t without its criticisms, which were largely focused on the game’s story, post-campaign content, and the excruciating emphasis on grinding, which we all know as something that can get extremely tedious.

The mainline sequel basically improved on every aspect of the original such as having a better story, as well as its gameplay, visuals, exploration focus, multiplayer, and public occasions, it was also nominated for several game of the year awards at the time. Credit must go to Bungie for sticking to the task of building this game to the top of the tree as well, and the studio has made it its mission to keep on adding to the game with downloadable content and constant patches that help steady the ship when something undoubtedly goes wrong.

So, the latest Destiny 2 patch is set to incorporate more of the same as well. The patch update was announced via a tweet from the official Bungie account with a link to the Bungie website. The full patch listings can be viewed below.

DESTINY 2 HOTFIX Patch is as follows:



  • Fixed an issue where some shaders were applying textures incorrectly to some pieces of the mech-inspired Festival of the Lost armor skins.   


Linear Fusion Rifles 

  • Increased the tremor caused by damage taken from other players. 
  • Increased shake received from other players up to 4 times that of sniper rifles to compensate for the reduced zoom and increased aim assist. 
  • Tremor settling time increased by 60%.  
  • This change is the same as the one that was recently applied to Sniper Rifles. 
  • Significantly reduced (80%) the tremor caused by damage taken from non-player combatants. 
  • Arbalest and Lorentz Drive 
  •  Aim assist cones are reduced by 35%. 


  • Fixed a bug where the Predicted Authority Season Challenge was displaying incorrect rewards. 
  • The correct reward is the Psychic War emblem, and it now appears that way. 


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