The John Dillinger Story

Many people think that the men who wore the uniform of the infamous John Dillinger are all gone, but there are still men like this in the service today. The story of the daring outlaw will always be etched in the public’s memory and will never be forgotten. There are other stories that are also told about his life, and I want to tell you one of them.

A group of young men were on their way to a vacation, with the intention of playing poker with John Dillinger. The captain of the ship was a gunner on the first-class balcony.

A bullet took the captain’s leg off. As the ship traveled at a fast pace, the captain’s body was tossed from side to side. Soon the blood filled the cabin. There was no medical treatment available for him as he lay on the floor.

When the young crew members were finally able to reach the shore, they found the ship’s captain in the middle of the road, bleeding profusely from the head. The only person who was nearby to help was a young boy named Mike Vance. He reached out to help the wounded man. But the sight of the bloodied face convinced him to leave the scene immediately.

Mike Vance later told his father that he had seen the man who was soon to become known as the “Bandit of Chicago” running away from the vessel. A medical professional who was called to the scene of the accident described the driver of the vehicle as a very tall dark haired man, whose features were concealed behind a long beard.

When the vehicle arrived at the docks, Mike Vello was awakened by the noise of a shot. He went outside and saw that the gunman had shot himself in the head. Later on, he learned that the ship’s captain had been killed.

Mike Vello then visited the home of his uncle, a former inmate of the notorious state penitentiary. When the old man heard what had happened to the captain, he advised him to stay away from the blue skies of Chicago, to the west.

To get back to the land, John Dillinger told his brother that he would have to kill. He said that he wanted to die in a certain place. One of his brothers told him not to take his car, which he thought was an expensive model.

The brother told his brother that the price for his car would be reduced if John Dillinger was dead. So John Dillinger went to an area and prepared to kill. This was the first time he shot at another person, and it was a day when he couldn’t wait to get home.

John Dillinger was a walking crime story, but he made it to the second act. He even killed his pet bird, just to make sure that his sister would know where he was. Afterward, he took his sister to a different street, and when he walked down that particular street, a murderer came out of nowhere and killed her too.

And then a second time, when she wouldn’t listen to him. Then he killed himself. In his final moments, he called his brother John a coward and said that he wasn’t afraid of death, only fear.

If any of these stories are true, then John Dillinger lived to be eighty-two years old. He is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Chicago.