The IRS Reveals Some Stimulus Recipients Will Not Receive Checks Until Filing Their Taxes For 2020

If your account still hasn’t been stimulated, this message might be for you, Roomies. The IRS has just revealed that some stimulus checks will not be available until recipients file their taxes in the upcoming months.

According to CNBC Makeit, the IRS says that any taxpayer who has checked the status of their stimulus check and received the message “Payment Status #2 – Not Available” will be waiting until tax time for their money.

“The IRS advises people that if they don’t receive their Economic Impact Payment, they should file their 2020 tax return electronically and claim the Recovery Rebate Credit on their tax return to get their payment and any refund as quickly as possible,” the agency says.

A spokesperson from the IRS did not specify the issue with automatic payments, but did address the issue of stimulus payments being sent to incorrect bank accounts.

Earlier this week, tax agencies like H&R Block and TurboTax were trending, as people reported their checks were being sent to the wrong bank accounts. CNBC reports the that the bank will need to return the money, and then the IRS will reissue the checks into the correct accounts.

The IRS is also encouraging people to check its website for updates about the status of stimulus payments as well as any ongoing issues. The agency also notes that its phone representatives do not have additional information outside what’s on the IRS website.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long added to this report.