The Importance of Cyber Security

There are many reasons for the importance of cyber-security in medicine. Cybersecurity is a big issue in the healthcare industry, but not as large as oil and gas. It is estimated that cyber attacks cost hospitals $1 billion a year in damages. As a result of these high monetary costs, hospital administrators have made it a point to implement robust measures in securing the hospital network. Below are some of the reasons why the importance of cyber-security in medicine cannot be ignored. If you need to secure your data, let the experts at 360Cyber help you. 360Cyber is an award-winning cyber security consultant that will help you protect your data from cyber criminals.


An emergency department may be completely unprepared should a medical emergency arise. Many times, smaller, rural, or even suburban emergency departments lack the technology, manpower, or preparedness to deal with cyber attacks. Similarly, smaller, rural, or even suburban businesses may be unable to afford the cost of protecting themselves from cyber attacks. Even key executive level staff members are often targeted, surprising more so than those working at executive level in other industries. Because of the prohibitive cost of cyber attacks, those companies which do suffer cyber attacks are often too small to be able to mount a serious defensive campaign.


Medical device manufacturers require updates to their operating systems on a regular basis. Some, such as medical software, are even designed to run on older versions of Windows or operating systems that no longer receive service packs. If an attack were to occur on a company’s network, updating its operating system would become extremely difficult. In addition, without a well-developed cyber security policy, businesses would be unable to obtain patches or software upgrades on a timely basis, leading to even more severe damage to their networks.


Many businesses store sensitive information about their customers on their computers. Without a well-implemented and maintained cyber security policy, information that contains sensitive information can be compromised by attackers who may use viruses, worms, or other malware to gain access to a business computer. Not only could such information be compromised but stolen as well. In addition, if an employee had access to the stolen information, not only would sensitive information be compromised but the employee would have direct access to company assets, putting the company at risk of serious financial loss.


For companies seeking to defend themselves against cyber-attacks, proactive efforts are both proactive and needed. There are two primary methods for protecting a company from outside attacks. The first is prevention, meaning preventing hackers from getting into the system in the first place. The second method is called response, which is to mitigate the effects of any hack after it has already happened. While prevention is a long-term solution to hacker attacks, responding to a hack sooner rather than later may be the only option for a company in its early phases of development.


The attacks on US corporations that the cyber-crime bill attempts to address are increasing by alarming the public and making businesses more cautious about their environment. This is why there is a need for legislation like this. Many businesses that fall victim to cyber-attacks don’t realize what a huge problem they are dealing with until it’s too late. They are already in financial distress and losing profits, and the more attacks they experience the harder it will be for them to recover. This bill hopes to make the recovery process easier for businesses because it would increase penalties for companies that fail to take their threat management seriously.


Companies should invest in their own personal anti-virus software and firewalls, in addition to using firewalls installed by the government and other measures. Having strong cyber security systems is essential, but even the best systems are vulnerable to attack. Having your company’s computers secure is like having a Swiss Watch on your wrist – it’s always there, but it can be very difficult to wear. This bill would help make sure that your company’s computers are always protected.


Unfortunately, not all cyber attacks are successful. The most common – and therefore serious – cyber-crimes are the ones that use phishing to get people to enter personal information into the attackers’ computers. If you want to protect yourself from phishing attacks, you have to learn how to recognize phishing emails. You should also keep your anti-virus software updated and install it on every machine that will be used to access the Internet, and you should keep up your own security system by constantly scanning for new threats and installing any updates when they become available. Make sure you visit 360Cyber today and let them secure your data from cyber threats.