‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ latest season sheds light on Janine

Prior to being required to end up being a handmaid inside Gilead, Janine, played by Madeline Maker, was a waitress with a child called Caleb.

“I used to be kind of pretty before they turned me into a freak, so everyone can see what happens when you’re bad,” Janine states in a voiceover in a trailer about her character’s journey. “From then on I tried so hard to be good, but then I realized that breaking the rules was the only way forward.”

Flashbacks reveal Auntie Lydia (Ann Dowd) eliminating her best eye as a penalty for talking back. Still defiant, she signs up with June Osborne (Elisabeth Moss) in her objective to conserve lots of kids from Gilead and assist other handmaids to leave.

When Season 4 opens, Janine plays a vital function is conserving June’s life.

“So this season, Janine is out of Gilead, or making her way out of Gilead,” Madeline Maker, who plays Janine in the series, informed CNN in a current interview. “There’s some wonderful stuff there, storyline-wise of being able to kind of experience a world outside of Gilead, what that means, what freedom looks like in that way. But then we also get to see some flashbacks of Janine and her life before, which for me personally has been really special getting to know her in that, in that time, in that way.”

Maker stated that while she had not pictured a whole backstory for the character, she had some concepts about the injury she withstood and developed her efficiency from there.

“I didn’t want to make any decisions in my mind about what she was and who she was before having conversations with the writers or having the scripts from this season,” she stated. “So, I had had some ideas about who she was, maybe what part of the country she’s from and what her life was like before. A lot of what I imagined lines up exactly with what was written.”

In cooperation with the authors, they developed a much deeper arc for Maker’s character this season.

“I think that we all have had Janine in our minds for a while now, and I feel like she’s the one character that we’ve all created together. I’m so glad that we really aligned, so we see kind of a new Janine,” she included. “As our world gets more broad, as we extend beyond Gilead, so does Janine’s personality. She’s able to be other parts of herself and who she has been in the past.”

Maker, who likewise starred on “Orange is the New Black,” stated she likewise took hints from her previous co-star Uzo Aduba, who played Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren on the series.

“This is something I really learned from, it was through Uzo Aduba. In any interview I’ve seen with her, the way she talks about Suzanne is with such love and such regard. And she never just let Suzanne be the crazy one. She was always, always approaching her with absolute respect for the life that Suzanne has lived and the woman that she is,” she stated. “And that’s what I wanted to do with Janine. I never wanted her to just be crazy. I wanted [to show] she’s in trauma response basically.”

Maker has actually been living with Janine on her mind considering that the cast and team began shooting in Toronto in March 2020. They worked for 2 weeks, prior to the world closed down due to the coronavirus pandemic, and didn’t get shooting once again up until 7 months later on. She stated in spite of the pandemic and the heavy topic of the program, the ladies discovered going to work cathartic.

“I love working. I mean, working with Elizabeth Moss has just made me a better actor, but also a better person. I approached my work, I think, in a better way,” she stated. “I’ve made such great friends on this and people ask me all the time if it’s such a bummer to go to work and I’m like,’It’s kind of the best time ever, like the most fun I’ve ever had.’ Which I know sounds crazy, but it really is. I get to go to work with my friends. I get to go to work with artists that I deeply respect and admire and to learn from them every day, it is nothing but good.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.