The Halo themed Moa Burger Pringles are fantastic

Here at Polygon we compose a great deal of evaluations of computer game, however likewise evaluates around computer game. We’ve evaluated films based upon video games, Lego sets based upon video games, and now, lastly, chips based upon video games. You see, we reside in a world with Halo-themed Pringles, and they’re in fact quite excellent.

The Moa Hamburger Wavy Pringles are a Walmart unique chip created to taste like a hamburger constructed of the Ostrich-like Moa bird — among the couple of lifeforms wandering about in the Halo video games. The Pringles site states it has tastes of “garlic, sweet ginger, and savory beef.” There’s likewise some chili pepper and red pepper.

However what do the Moa Hamburger Pringles truly taste like? Well I’ve had 2 cans of these suckers, so let’s enter it.

The very first and only thing you require to learn about the Moa Hamburger Pringles is that they’ve got an extreme taste. Every chip in both of my tins was covered in Moa Hamburger dust. Each chip corresponded and wonderfully overwhelming. I state that because, in my long and storied history with Pringles, I’ve never ever been astonished by taste prior to.

Pringles normally have excellent tastes, however the compound and consistency isn’t there. No one will ever state no to a Sour Cream and Onion Pringle, however you require a stack of 5 if you truly wish to feel that taste. The chip-to-flavor ratio is frequently a little off for me on Pringles, and I often leave dissatisfied that I didn’t get a more considerable or powerful chip.

The Moa Hamburger Wavy Pringles please that requirement for something significant. They’re crispy, thick, and every chip left my face with that semi-permanent “damn face” — you understand, the one when you consume something extreme however tasty, and your face is attempting to make up for how your taste feel. That response might likewise have something to do with the heat coming off of these things. It’s not “Flamin’ Hot” level or anything like that, however I gained from experience that it’s enough to anger the spicy-food-hater in your life if you persuade them to attempt it.

These Pringles have a practically bbq chip taste to them, however with a minor tang, which previously mentioned heat. It’s the type of chip I started interested by, uncertain if I even liked it, and wound up caring. Sitting here now, I’m understanding I most likely require to get more of these cans prior to they leave shop racks — whenever that will be.

The Moa Hamburger Pringles might batter any Pringle I’ve satisfied — or they might a minimum of beat them in a Halo match. Julius Pringle — the Pringle man (that’s his name, I looked it up) — is even using a headset on the can, so you understand he’s consuming these while video gaming. However do these Pringles truly encapsulate Halo? I don’t understand, however Master Chief is popular enough on television that you’ll be humiliated if you don’t utilize self-checkout.

However even beyond the Halo and the player Julius, I’ve never ever discovered a Pringle taste I like this much, and as somebody who had a purple lunch box case in primary school created particularly for holding Pringles, that’s stating something.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.