The Friends Of Ringo Ishikawa Is Now Available For Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

A highschool gang leader Ringo Ishikawa attempting to endure his last fall prior to graduation. With his friends.

You need to play it if:

1) You enjoy excellent stories with strong discussions (particularly about maturing)
2) You’re a battle video games lover (you’ll get your hands on some special brawl mechanic and I assure you’ll be pleased)
3) You enjoy some yakuza-delinquent aesthetic appeals

Generally, the video game is an existential open world beat’em up with some school sim components. It has a little of whatever: a town to check out, day-night cycle, npc on their schedule, fight grinding, school grinding, mini-games (ping-pong, billiard, video-poker, video-video game console with one game…) and so on.

However the main point is the story I’m attempting to inform. And I developed the video game to make you feel this story. So it’s not about competing gangs, or taking control of grass, or anything. You simply live there and feel. Which’s all.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.