‘The Flight Attendant’ review: Kaley Cuoco serves up a fun trip in this HBO Max series

Adjusted from an unique by Chris Bohjalian, the restricted series presents Cuoco’s Cassandra consuming her method through numerous cities, in among numerous montages — set to a jazzy rating by Blake Neely that truly sets the state of mind — that really do a great deal of work in moving the story along.

Quickly enough, she’s working a flight, flirting with a good-looking superior guest (“Game of Thrones'” Michiel Huisman) and getting together with him when they land, which, as kept in mind, does not end well.

A panicky Cassandra leaves the scene, however she’s far from a master in covering her tracks in spite of informing herself,”You did nothing wrong.” The booze-filled haze starts paving the way to regular bits of clearness, slowly (over the 4 episodes previewed) completing pictures of what taken place, while at the same time uncovering uneasy youth memories she had long considering that buried.

Untidy as all that sounds, it mainly works thanks mostly to Cuoco, “The Big Bang Theory” star who functions as a manufacturer (along with author Steve Yockey and the respected Greg Berlanti), and handles to communicate the darkly comic elements of Cassandra’s predicament without weakening the thriller-like structure.

Those aspects consist of a strange lady and concerns about what sort of activities may have triggered the victim’s death. The program likewise boasts an excellent supporting cast, with Rosie Perez as Cassandra’s associate, Zosia Mamet (“Girls”) as her lawyer friend (practical, offered the situations) and T.R. Knight (“Grey’s Anatomy”) as her exasperated sibling.

The fundamental circumstance has actually been a durable one through the years, however Hitchcock’s conventional formula typically included a regular chap (think “The 39 Steps,” “North by Northwest” or “The Man Who Knew Too Much”) thrust into dangerous cloak-and-dagger situations. The wrinkle of putting Cuoco because function — and her character being so entirely flummoxed by it — slightly refurbishes the mix, including entertaining issues like escaping in heels.

Many of all, “The Flight Attendant” is meaningless enjoyable, a quality typically in too-short supply on the planet of superior TELEVISION. Slowly presenting its 8 episodes over 4 weeks, that appraisal does not always indicate the program will stick the landing, however offer it credit for a smooth departure.

“The Flight Attendant” premieres Nov. 26 on HBO Max, which, like CNN, is a unit of WarnerMedia.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.