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UFC 261 outcomes: Usman sleeps Masvidal, Namajunas recovers belt, and Shevchenko controls

Though UFC 261 included 3 champion battles, that truth was mostly eclipsed in the lead-up by the concept that it likewise marked the promo’s very first occasion considering that the pandemic struck that a sold-out location filled with fans would be allowed presence. With the UFC 261 outcomes now in the books, the fighters took the spotlight back. UFC 261 outcomes: Kamaru Usman vs. Jorge Masvidal Kamaru Usman desired absolutely nothing however to end up Jorge Masvidal in their headlining rematch. He did simply that. Usman opened with a crisp jab, stinging Masvidal throughout the very first half of the very first frame prior to Masvidal lastly landed. In tones of his battle with Ben Askren, Masvidal introduced a flying knee, however Usman captured him and tossed him onto the canvas. Masvidal combated well off of his back, linking with numerous tough elbows, and ultimately got away to his feet. Usman snapped his jab, however attempted to go huge with some large punches that missed out on. Masvidal landed some strong leg kicks, however simply missed out on with another flying knee effort prior to the round injury down. As round 2 got underway, Usman once again missed out on with a huge, large swing, triggering Masvidal to laugh at him. Seconds later on, Masvidal was consuming that chuckle. Usman introduced a right-hand man that rocked Masvidal’s head and sent him being up to the canvas. Usman followed up with a couple hammerfists, however Masvidal was currently out. Though their very first battle at UFC 251 went the range, Usman did what he wished to perform in the rematch, which was to end up Masvidal in amazing style. “No disrespect, thank you to my man Jorge, you elevated me,” Usman said after the fight, holding his daughter in his arms. “He elevated me. He made me go to the wood shop. I’m still getting better. The sky is the limit.” UFC 261 results: Kamaru Usman sleeps Jorge Masvidal Rose Namajunas reclaims title with stunning Zhang Weili knockout Rose Namajunas fought the perfect fight to reclaim the UFC strawweight title from Zhang Weili. Zhang started strong, landing several inside leg kicks to Namajunas’s lead leg. Namajunas, however, was floating around the Octagon, darting in and out at various angles and with an ever-changing rhythm. Though Zhang landed a few kicks to the lead leg, they weren’t of the type that were mounting much damage. A short time later, Namajunas timed Zhang moving in on her. She launched a lead-leg head kick that landed flush, sending Zhang onto her back. Namajunas followed her to the canvas, landing a couple of hammerfists before the referee stepped in to wave off the fight. Zhang returned to her feet after the fight was stopped, trying to argue that she should be allowed to continue, but was on wobbly legs as she did so. She was clearly shaken, not in the best form to continue. “I did it again. But God did it. I really depended on Him,” Namajunas said after the fight. “I am the best.” In the lead-up to the fight, Namajunas had made some comments about fighting against communism. Some of those comments were taken as a personal affront to Zhang. That was not the intent, according to Namajunas. “I never meant to attack her as a person. I love all people from all cultures.” Namajunas very first won the UFC strawweight title by defeating Joanna Jedrzejczyk in 2017. She defended it in an immediate rematch before losing the belt to Jessica Andrade. After Andrade lost the championship to Zhang, Namajuas defeated the Brazilian before then taking the belt from Zhang on Saturday night. The stars may have aligned for a trilogy bout between Namajunas and Jedrzejczyk, even though Namajunas holds wins in their first two fights. UFC 261 results: Rose Namajunas reclaims the strawweight title Valentina Shevchenko dominates Jessica Andrade, defends UFC flyweight title Valentina Shevchenko looked sharp in the latest defense of her UFC flyweight title. She started fast, snapping out a one-two combination that stung Jessica Andrade before twice taking her to the canvas. Andrade regained her feet, but Shevchenko stung her again with another punch combination. Andrade tried to hold her against the cage, but Shevchenko again planted Andrade on the canvas. She quickly transitione dto Andrade’s back and attempted a rear-naked choke. Andrade escaped, but Shevchenko clung to her. Again Andrade regained her feet, but Shevchenko punished her with knees before again taking her to the canvas for a total of five takedowns in round one. Shevchenko quickly clinched and tossed Andrade to the canvas to start round two. Shevchenko worked shots to the body for nearly two minutes before they returned to their feet. Andrade had good position, but again, Shevchenko reversed the clinch and splashed Andrade on her back. Shevchenko locked Andrade in a crucifix, unloading with a brutal onslaught of punches and elbows until the referee was forced to stop the battle. “I like to surprise people. I can do everything,” Shevchenko said when confronted with the idea that people were surprised that she chose to grapple with Andrade, who is generally a good grappler herself. Having dominated nearly everyone in her path, Shevchenko is ready for whichever challenger emerges next. “Everyone is asking to fight me. Here I am!” UFC 261 results: Valentina Shevchenko dominates in latest title defense Chris Weidman gruesomely snapped his shin, losing to Uriah Hall The world cringed when Anderson Silva kicked Chris Weidman at UFC 168, his shin snapping and wrapping around Weidman’s leg. It was shocking to see the same thing happen to Weidman on Saturday night as his UFC 261 bout with Uriah Hall got underway. Before the fight could even start to heat up, Weidman launched a low kick, connecting with Hall’s shin. Unfortunately for Weidman, flashing back to the Silva fight, his shin snapped and wrapped around Hall’s leg. Weidman withdrew his leg and tried to place it on the canvas. There was no stability to hold him up; his lower leg bones were snapped in half. He crashed to the floor in agony. Shocked, Hall walked to the opposite side of the Octagon and kneeled down. Ringside medics placed Weidman’s leg in a compression cast. He was placed on a stretched and wheeled out of the arena. “No matter what my rank in the future, if he gets well, I owe him this fight. I hope he can come back from it. You’re still one of the best, Chris,” Hall said after the fight, at first struggling to hold his composure. UFC 261 results: Chris Weidman’s leg snaps, Uriah Hall wins by TKO Anthony Smith topples Jimmy Crute with crippling leg kick Anthony Smith and Jimmy Crute played a game of chicken from the opening bell. Smith was banking on his stinging jab, while Crute was relying on his low kicks to the lead leg to get the job done. Both men were landing throughout the first round, waiting for the other to falter. Near the end of the first round, Smith landed a kick that compromised Crute’s left leg and sent him to the canvas. In an instant, Crute rebounded with a takedown and swarmed Smith with a ground-and-pound onslaught. Smith briefly regained his feet, but Crute planted him on the canvas again before the round ended. Crute was barely able to stand on his left foot as he returned to his corner. Before the second round could begin, the ringside physician asked Crute to walk forward. He wobbled; the doctor immediately recommended the fight be stopped. Of course Crute was upset. He desired to continue, but Smith, being the sportsman that he is, immediately met Crute across the cage and embraced him. “Even at 32 years old, 51 fights in, I’m still getting better,” Smith stated after the battle. UFC 261 outcomes: Anthony Smith stops Jimmy Crute Jon Jones disputes Dana White’s claim that he wanted $30 million to battle Ngannou UFC 261 Results UFC 261 Main Card Main Event: Kamaru Usman def Jorge Masvidal by KO (punches) at 1:02, R2Co-main Event: Rose Namajunas def Zhang Weili by KO (head kick & punches) at 1:18, R1Valentina Shevchenko def Jessica Andrade by TKO (punches & elbows) at 3:19, R2Uriah Hall def Chris Weidman by TKO (leg injury) at 0:17, R1Anthony Smith def Jimmy Crute by TKO (physician’s interruption) at 5:00, R1 UFC 261 Prelims Randy Brown def Alex Oliveira by submission (rear-naked choke) at 2:50, R1Dwight Grant def Stefan Sekulic by split choice (28-29, 29-28, 29-28)Brendan Allen def Karl Roberson by submission (kneebar) at 4:55, R1Patrick Sabatini def Tristan Connelly by consentaneous choice (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) UFC 261 Early Prelims Danaa Batgerel def Kevin Natividad by TKO (punches) at 0:50, R1Kazula Vargas def Rongzhu by consentaneous choice (29-28, 29-28, 30-26)Jeffrey Molina def Aoriqileng by consentaneous choice (29-28, 29-28, 29-27)Ariane Carnelossi def Liang Na by TKO (punches) at 1:28, R2

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