The Divine Spark

In Gnostic Christianity and many other Western spiritual traditions, the divinity of the soul is the part of God that lives within every person. It is also sometimes referred to as the Divine Spark. The Divine Spark has its own individuality and a personal purpose within the personality of each individual.


The Divine Spark is a very personal entity. It is always part of a person’s being and it does not take on different attributes or forms as do the parts of God. The Divine Spark is seen as having its own will and thoughts and desires. It has its own language and can be communicated with in many ways.


The Divine Spark is always part of God in the person of the person who has a complete relationship with God. The divine spark is very much like the divine fire within the flame. The divine spark is like a flame within an earthly body. It is very much alive, it is part of God and part of your personal being.


The Divine Spark is not the Divine Word or the Divine Son or the Divine Holy Spirit. It is the part of the person of God within each person that is never separated from God. When you have lost your connection with God or are separated from the Divine Word, you begin to suffer and experience sadness, depression, and sorrow. You are spiritually dead.


The Divine Spark is in each person, just as it is within each flame within a flame. It is there in each flame that is burning and is alive. When you get out of touch with God or the Divine Word, the spark that is in each flame begins to die and is no longer burning. The Divine Word is always there within you.


Human beings have always had their relationship with the Divine Word. We all have experienced the Divine Word when we meditate or focus our attention upon something we are interested in, when we want to be happy or when we are sad.


The Divine spark does not have a physical manifestation. It is always inside each person of God and can be manifested in a variety of ways. The Divine spark can be manifested in a positive way by creating a life that is dedicated to God and by building a relationship with God.


Many people work hard to create a life that is devoted to God. There is a great need for people to learn and practice a certain spiritual practices in order to become more fully engaged in the life of God by becoming involved in the creation process of personal relationships within God. This requires a dedication to a certain path and attitude.


If you choose to develop a spiritual practice and a commitment to the Divine Word, it can also be beneficial to learn and practice a certain type of mediation. Meditation can be very beneficial to help you focus your attention and allow you to have a deeper connection with the Divine Word and God.


Some people choose to be immersed in certain types of healing. Other people learn and practice meditation and visualization. Some people prefer to use prayer or the sacred art of mantras.


Life is so easy. Life becomes boring and monotonous when we go through the same routine. Life is full of people and situations that we simply have to accept and deal with because they happen to be the way they are.


It’s important to find a method of creating a balance in your life. Finding this balance means that you will have a more fulfilling life.