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The ‘Destiny 2’ Spire Of The Watcher Dungeon God Rolls You Should Be Farming

Destiny 2 has a brand new dungeon this season, parts of its sold-separately package that also gave us Duality, but is still linked thematically to the season. Spire of the Watcher has us traveling to a recently revealed facility on Mars, and farming a whole bunch of…cowboy loot there? Yes, cowboy loot. But it’s great.

The result are four new Tex Mechanica weapons and two reprised Seraph weapons from Season of the Worthy infused with new perks pulled from Deep Stone Crypt. It’s a weird mix, but a lot of good guns, including some unique archetypes we’ve never seen before. So here, are the Spire god rolls you should be farming (and here is the loot table so you know where they drop).

Long Arm (Arc Scout Rifle)

Subsistence/Dragonfly – It’s the first legendary lever-action scout like Dead Man’s Tale, and you are absolutely going to want this premium roll, where Subsistence will delay your reloads and a newly buffed Dragonfly will clear out mobs.

Compulsive Reloader/Any – Putting this here just to stay this might be the first gun ever where Compulsive Reloader is a really useful perk because of the way it loads rounds, and it will help you speed load above have the entire magazine now.

Rapid Hit/Explosive Rounds – I don’t think DMT could roll explosive rounds, if I recall correctly, so I definitely want a copy that can do that.

Wilderflight (Void Grenade Launcher)

Auto Loading Holster/Vorpal – Pair these two with spike grenades and you have some solid damage from the new double-firing grenade launcher, the first of its kind.

Demolitionist/Frenzy – You don’t see combo too often on Grenade Launchers, and I think Frenzy is ultimately the better call than Adrenaline Junkie since you’re never going to get those stacks up one by one.

Liminal Vigil (Stasis Sidearm)

Headstone/Desperado – This is the wild roll I just got, which is great for Stasis builds. Those Headstone activations let you know you’ve triggered Desperado and it’s just a wonky combo that’s a bunch of fun.

Perpetual Motion/Kill Clip – Going to say that this is probably the key PvP roll you want, as this thing will absolutely melt anyone with Kill Clip active.

Threat Detector/Surrounded – Surrounded just got buffed as of this season, so this is probably worth a look if you’re not going down the Stasis route for PvE.

Terminus Horizon (Arc Machine Gun)

Triple Tap/Target Lock – These two perks synergize well, with Target Lock being a new perk this season that increases damage the longer you’re on a target.

Dragonfly/Adrenaline Junkie – This is a combo I got that works wonders for mob clearing. You can also sub in Demolitionist in the top slot for the ability to reload with grenade throws, plus energy on kill.

Seventh Seraph Carbine (Kinetic Auto Rifle)

Reconstruction/Target Lock – If you’re going to get another one of these, might as well be some new perks right? Reconstruction will max out its magazine to double and Target Lock will mean sustained damage on target.

Fourth Time/Frenzy – My gut tells me that Reconstruction on a primary you’re going to be using a lot may not be worth it, so here’s an alternate, less exciting roll you can pursue instead.

Seventh Seraph Officer’s Revolver (Kinetic Hand Cannon)

Nothing – Seriously, I really don’t like any of these perk combos. If you want to go weird you could do something like Reconstruction/Harmony or Vorpal or Redirection for bigger HC damage than normal, but yeah, I don’t think this is super appealing in any capacity, and the old version had better rolls.

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