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Hustle and grift your method throughout America in the ‘90s as a teenage scam artist on a crime-filled journey experience.

Play as Ali, a curious and ironical high schooler who drops band camp to go on a cross-country journey. However this isn’t a joyride! Ali is on a necessary objective to conserve her household video shop from the nasty shylock attempting to shut their store down.

Rip-off complete strangers, pocket picker individuals, and con citizens throughout a crazy America of the ‘90s. And – it ought to go without stating – lie to your mommy about all of it. Select who should have to be tricked and who may require an assisting hand. The world is your oyster (and hello, pearls deserve a lot!).

One Con Doesn’t Trick All
Con individuals your method! Use disguises, slip around, be all ears on discussions, and discover how to approach each mark. Possibly you believe you can make adequate cheddar simply by pickpocketing. Or look for more intricate grifts that include breaking and getting in, smooth talking, and more. It’s up to you to outmaneuver everybody and lockpick whatever that stands in between you and conserving your mommy's video shop.

A Coming-of-Age Funny
If there’s one guaranteed method to find yourself, it’s by setting out on an experience. Fortunately for you, you’ve got the help of a professional grifter to coach you in the evasive art of appeal. However a life of criminal activity is no laughing matter! Not unless you switch on the laugh track and make it a criminally amusing comedy. Prepare yourself to talk your method into offers, hearts, and difficulty. And don’t forget to call house every as soon as in a while to sign in with your mommy. Sure, you might argue with her in some cases (the majority of the time?), however you’re a teen – that’s type of your job!

The Weird and Wack 1990s the Method You Keep in mind Them
Whether you were a ‘90s kid or not, this video game is overflowing with fond memories. It uses you the best chance to relive your own uncomfortable high school years, or if you regretfully lost out on the ‘90s, lastly experience all of the traditional teenager motion pictures that feel so old and out-of-date. Plaid, payphones, VHS tapes, and shopping malls – THE BIG CON has actually got all of the outrageous trends you keep in mind (and some you wish to forget) from the 1990s.

However most notably – you can ride the Hormipillar as much as you desire!

KEEP IN MIND: This video game leverages Smart Shipment permitting access to both the Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S variations of the video game.


Item Details:
Designer: Mighty Shout Studios
Publisher: Skybound Games‬
Site: The Huge Con
Twitter: @MightyYell / @skyboundgames

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