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The Best Void Weapons In Destiny 2

Destiny 2’s focus on buildcrafting has placed a major emphasis on monochromatic builds in recent months. Bungie wants players to use the same element type for their subclass and weapons, even in Match Game content. Thankfully, that’s fairly easy to do with Void.

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Void 3.0 subclasses are incredibly strong and can hold their own in the endgame, but what about Void weapons? Most Void weapons in Destiny 2 are quite strong, with some weapons shaping the entire PvE meta. This list will go over the ten best Void weapons you can use in Destiny 2, pairing nicely with Void’s various keyword buffs and debuffs.

This list focuses on PvE content above everything else. Entries are in no particular order.


10 Snorii FR5

How to obtain: Legendary world Engrams.

Snorri FR5 is the love child of Erentil FR4 and Loaded Question. This weapon can roll with some great consistency perks in PvP, notably Firmly Planted. For PvE, it’s capable of rolling with Compulsive Reloader and Reservoir Burst. Shoot an explosive burst, reload, and repeat as needed. It’s a great add-clearing weapon in PvE and a surprisingly good PvP Fusion.

Recommended Traits:

  • Column One:
    Compulsive Reloader (only with Reservoir Burst), Firmly Planted (PvP)

  • Column Two:
    Reservoir Burst, High-Impact Reserves (PvP)

9 Graviton Lance

How to obtain: Exotic Engrams.

If you haven’t used Graviton Lance in recent seasons, now is a great time to give this weapon another chance. Various buffs have massively buffed Graviton’s damage output, both from the Exotic weapon changes in Witch Queen and the addition of Vorpal Weapon to this weapon’s Catalyst in Year 5.

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Needless to say, this is a fantastic Primary weapon. Killing an enemy will spawn Void projectiles that deal immense damage, clearing out entire rooms in low-level content. For high-end content, Vorpal Weapon and a Champion mod for your Pulse Rifle let you break Barriers and stun Unstoppables with ease. If you’re looking for a good Void Primary and don’t mind using your Exotic slot, give Graviton Lance a try.

8 Deathbringer

How to obtain: “Symphony of Death” quest.

Rocket Launchers have cemented themselves in the PvE meta for Destiny 2. While most players gravitate towards Gjallarhorn and strong Legendaries, few weapons can match the raw power of Deathbringer. This Exotic Rocket Launcher tied to the Shadowkeep DLC boasts one of the highest DPS values out of any Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2.

Rockets fired from Deathbringer shatter when you release the trigger, releasing multiple Void projectiles that slowly descend. The longer the projectiles descend, the more damage they deal. It’s a tough Rocket Launcher to use at first—and its projectiles despawn if multiple people are using Deathbringer—yet its potential damage output is off the charts. If you can find a way to pair Deathbringer with a Volatile debuff, this weapon will destroy everything in your path.

7 Corrective Measure

How to obtain: Vault of Glass raid (Conflux, Templar, and Atheon encounters)

Machine Guns saw a massive buff in Season of the Haunted, making them excellent weapons for dealing with fodder, majors, and even some bosses. Corrective Measure takes this even further with excellent base stats, perk combinations, and the ability to use Void’s unique Volatile Rounds buff.

The most notable perk combination for Corrective Measure is Demolitionist and Adrenaline Junkie. Killing targets will refund grenade energy and buff your damage output, and throwing a grenade fully reloads the weapon. This leads to a great gameplay loop of never-ending grenades and bullets. Pair this with the Volatile Rounds buff from Echo of Instability, and you have one of the hardest-hitting Machine Guns in Destiny 2.

Recommended Traits:

  • Column One:

  • Column Two:
    Adrenaline Junkie

6 Royal Entry

How to obtain: Vanguard Ops matches and Engrams.

If PvE DPS is all your care about, Royal Entry is objectively the best DPS Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2. It can roll with Impact Casing (or Alloy Casing if you never use Lunafaction Boots), Field Prep, and Clown Cartridge all on the same roll. And since the weapon is Void, it can inflict Volatile if Echo of Instability is active.

That can be hard to achieve for non-grenade builds, but those looking to squeeze out the most DPS from their weapons should own a Royal Entry. Even without Instability, Royal Entry is a great Heavy weapon that excels in raids and GM Nightfalls.

Recommended Traits:

  • Column One:
    Field Prep, Impulse Amplifier

  • Column Two:
    Clown Cartridge

5 Vouchsafe

How to obtain: Dreaming City content.

Most players forget about Dreaming City gear when discussing good weapons. Bungie reissued most Dreaming City weapons last year, refreshing their perk pools while making them easier to obtain. One such reissued weapon is Vouchsafe, a 200 RPM Scout Rifle that deserves a place in your inventory.

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Rapid Hit and Explosive Payload is a fantastic roll for all content, especially endgame PvE activities. Explosive Payload inflicts a ton of flinch in PvP and stuns Champions quickly in PvE. If that roll sounds boring, you also have options like Surplus, Multikill Clip, Wellspring, and even Eye of the Storm. You’ll have a hard time finding a better Void Scout Rifle.

Recommended Traits:

  • Column One:
    Rapid Hit, Surplus (PvP)

  • Column Two:
    Explosive Payload, Multikill Clip

4 Telesto

How to obtain: Exotic Engrams.

When Telesto isn’t breaking Destiny 2 in unexpected ways, it’s carving through hordes of enemies with unrivaled efficiency. Shots from this weapon crystalize on impact, detonating when an enemy is nearby. This allows you to set explosive traps for enemies and removes Telesto’s damage falloff.

The end result is a Fusion Rifle that can kill fodder enemies from extreme ranges, and it lets you create some clever traps in the Crucible. Telesto hits hard, is easy to use, and it’s incredibly ammo efficient. Players call it “the besto” for a reason.

3 Under Your Skin

How to obtain: PsiOps Battlegrounds and focused Umbral Engrams.

You’ll want a good Bow for PvE endgame content, preferably a Bow of each damage type. Under Your Skin is easily the best Legendary Void Bow you can use. It deals great damage, has great perk combinations, and it’s craftable.

Most players focus on crafting the Archer’s Tempo and Successful Warm-Up perk combination on this weapon, but you don’t need that much draw speed for any activity (even if it’s satisfying to use). Archer’s Tempo and Explosive Head is great for countering Champions in Nightfalls and Legendary Lost Sectors, and you can replace Explosive Head with Adaptive Munitions if you want this Bow to break all shields types.

Recommended Traits:

  • Column One:
    Archer’s Tempo, Unrelenting

  • Column Two:
    Explosive Head (PvE), Adaptive Munitions, Successful Warm-Up

2 Le Monarque

How to obtain: Purchased from the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower. Costs 1 Exotic Cipher, 125,000 Glimmer, 200 Dusklight Shards, and 1 Ascendant Shard.

Few Exotics are as well-equipped for endgame content as Le Monarque. This Exotic Bow fires toxic arrows that release a poisonous mist under the right conditions. If you have good aim and can perfectly time your shots, you can easily create these poison clouds to deal some serious damage.

In PvE, Le Monarque is perfect for countering Champions—that is, whenever Champion Bow mods are present. Overloads and Unstoppables immediately stagger, and Barriers have their shield broken in a few seconds. It’s not bad for fighting majors either. And if you can proc Volatile Rounds on this weapon, it can brute force Match Game activities and decimate Champions on its own. It can even one-shot Guardians in PvP with a strong damage buff. Needless to say, Le Monarque is a Primary powerhouse.

1 Funnelweb

How to obtain: Legendary world Engrams.

Funnelweb is the spiritual successor to the Recluse, arguably the most meta-defining weapon for the second year of Destiny 2. This SMG features an absurdly fast fire rate of 900 RPM, an Origin Trait that automatically reloads your weapon on occasion, and it has some fantastic perk combinations for PvE and PvP.

Subsistence and Frenzy is the go-to for PvE, allowing this weapon to fire a torrent of bullets before reloading. Frenzy helps buff your weapon damage and drastically reduces reload times, leading to an add-slaying machine. For PvP, Killing Wind and Rangefinder allow this weapon to duel at 22 to 24 meters with a good roll. As far as Void Primaries go, you can’t beat Funnelweb.

Recommended Traits:

  • Column One:
    Subsistence, Killing Wind (PvP)

  • Column Two:
    Frenzy, Rangefinder (PvP)

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