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The Best Builds For Speedrunning ‘Destiny 2’ Heist Battlegrounds

Well, here’s an article I never thought I’d be writing, a strategy article about a Destiny 2 seasonal activity. But, Bungie has flipped a few switches and for Season of the Seraph, they’ve made Heist Battlegrounds quite a bit harder than your normal seasonal activity by putting a +5 power disparity on the playlist at all times, meaning you can’t overlevel for it.

As a result…it’s harder! I mean, we’re not talking GM content here, but it’s certainly not the cakewalk that all normal level seasonal activities have been between that differential and the presence of champions.

So, how to deal with that? I Have some advice, as my builds across all three classes have used some variation of the following arsenal:

Breach Grenade Launcher – A must, given the seasonal class item mod Weakened Clear that gives you and your whole team 15% more damage on enemies you hit with a grenade launcher for something insane like 20 seconds. And it will also stun unstoppable champions if you put that very expensive mod on your arms. My picks are:

  • Witherhoard – Still one of the best in the game after its nerf.
  • Lingering Dread – For the top slot when I don’t want to run Witherhoard
  • Truthteller – For the energy slot, and mine has blinding rounds to stun and weaken enemies. All three of these have auto loading holster as you just want to fire and switch back.
  • Forbearance – With chain reaction for mob clearing, and there are a lot of mobs.

Trinity Ghoul – Some of the best mob clearing in the game, plus it serves as an anti-barrier option with seasonal mods.

Graviton Lance – Same thing, explode mobs with its chain kills, plus it’s an anti-barrier option.

Anything With Voltshot – For legendary primary options, Voltshot and Jolt got zero nerfs last season so bring out your best Scout, Sidearm or new IKELOS SMG with Voltshot and go nuts here.

The Manticore – I’m telling you, don’t sleep on this thing. While it works best when paired with Gyrfalcon on Hunter for constant invis and volatile rounds, it’s the only exotic void SMG in the game absolutely shreds with the 40% buff to red bar damage. Once you get the catalyst it will give you significant damage protection at almost all times, plus the damage bonus for hovering, even if you’re just few inches off the ground. I know it feels a little weird, but trust me, give it a shot.

Coldheart – This thing has been buffed to an absurd degree and on your arc build will give you constant abilities and at max power, can pretty much burn down champions on its own with little help.

Ager’s Scepter – Has benefitted from all past trace rifle buffs and can serve as both key for mob clearing with its constant shatters but also do significant boss damage on top of your heavy with its alt fire activation.

Any Linear Fusion Rifle – They’re not nerfed yet, so they’re still going to be your best option for all three bosses, whether it’s hitting the stupid shrieker in the eyeball, or the Festival of the Lost invisible knight. Nothing else comes close here. Swords are good for two of the bosses but will screw you if you get the shrieker. My picks are the new three-burst LFR or my Stormchaser. But of course you can run your Cataclysm or Taipain or Reed’s Regret too.

Thunderlord – Okay maybe an odd pick here, but with so much heavy ammo and so many knights with arc shields, you can practically use this as a primary in most of the sections, and then refill it before you go and face the boss.

One final piece of general advice:

The part of the mission that has you getting the two balls to shoot the seals? Go to the right. It’s the easier path, get the thing, shoot 2.5 seals, then immediately go back and get another one. Why? Almost 100% of the time, the person on the left is going to die from lasers and you’ll be stuck waiting. But if you go back and get a second orb on your side you’ll be done much faster. And if they do survive, no harm no foul.

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