The 8 best video game firesides, campfires, and Yule logs

I’m chasing after vacation vibes extra-hard this year. In a world that’s anything however, I wish to feel comfortable and safe sitting by a fireplace. There’s something so soothing about the popping and splitting of a warm fire, possibly with some gently falling snow simply beyond the window.

In lieu of a real fireplace, I’m relying on YouTube and computer games — often both! — looking for these comfortable environments. It’s the Yule log — a vacation custom that started in 1966 when New york city’s WPIX-TV aired a looped video of some logs in a fireplace. Considering that the station restored the custom in 2001, there’s been definitely no lack of Yule log videos that incorporate with popular franchises, whether it’s Star Wars, Marvel, or perhaps Hades.

However often you don’t just wish to view. A computer game Yule log provides you an experience you can play. A great deal of computer game have campfires, and I’ve assembled the very best of them. Here’s my collection of in-game firesides you can sit next to or perhaps construct yourself.

Shovel Knight

You ever simply go to sleep at a campfire? Good idea you’ve got a shovel to put out the coal the next early morning.

The Senior Citizen Scrolls 5: Skyrim

In Skyrim, there are choices. Not feeling Christmas-y and trying to find a warm-yet-creepy environment? How about some burning skeletons?

Obviously, for those trying to find cozier middle ages winter season sensations, Skyrim has that, too — lots of them.


Fortnite’s got an in-game Yule log this year, with a difficulty offered for gamers who wish to sit and chill for a bit. You’ll discover it in the Cozy Lodge, where there’s a tactical Santa sitting by a fireplace and a Christmas tree. The very best news? You can open presents, too.

Dark Souls

Bonfires in Dark Souls function as checkpoints, which suggests they’re quite crucial and popular in the video game. They’re likewise an ideal location to simply sit and view a sword burn. Now that’s vacation spirit! Firesides are not just the initial Dark Souls, either. They’re all over the franchise.

Outer Wilds

Outer Wilds truthfully has the very best fireside to chill at in-game. It doesn’t always have a vacation environment, however it’s still incredibly great. There are both fireside tunes and marshmallows to toast.

Spoilers for completion of Outer Wilds appear in this 2nd video, which includes a fireside minute that’s simply superb.


Undertale’s got an excellent, comfortable fireside. It’s easy however best. Who doesn’t wish to read a story in front of a warm fire?

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

If you’re the innovative key in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you might also established a relaxing winter season scene there. You may likewise discover yourself wishing to stick around beside it, letting your Nintendo Change produce the best environment.

The playable Yule log

Designer Ice Water Games has a digital Yule log where you can construct the fire yourself.

lowpoly fire

Image: Ice Water Games

Called Yule Log (naturally), the video game starts with a little radiant block to begin a fire, with logs falling from the sky. It’s a good little animation to view, however it includes a little something additional now that you can really tend to the fire.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.