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The 14 Best PS5 Co-Op Games

This is admittedly one of the weirder games we have encountered but it’s worth a try just for its unique combination of wacky and cute. You and a friend control one of two kiwi birds, named Jeff and Debra. Together, you’ll run a post office, which is complicated enough when you have hands but is even more difficult when you’re relying on wings and beaks to get the mail where it needs to be. Luckily, you’ve got the help of delivery cassowaries and a mail-sorting octopus, both of which you’ll encounter during the game’s handful of mini-games.

As reported by Push Square, there’s no apparent way to play online co-op with a stranger, but you can link up with a friend either through local couch co-op or through a direct invitation online. Together, you’ll use hops and pecks to key in codes, ad postage and labels to packages, and sort everything to the correct locations.

For every success, the game gives you stamps which can be used like currency to buy cosmetic upgrades for your birds. They don’t change the gameplay but they do add another fun element by allowing you to dress your kiwi however you prefer.

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