Tetragon Is Now Available For Digital Pre-order And Pre-download On Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

Invite to Tetragon – a huge mystical universe of special video game mechanics, puzzles, wonderful labyrinths, and difficulties! It’s a genuine obstacle for those who take pleasure in the video games in the vein of The Space, The Witness and The Talos Concept.

Your objective is to move airplanes with a spinning world gravity . Utilizing the power of TetraGen move the ground and the towers to direct the brave lumberjack Lucios through the spread worlds and discover his lost boy!

About Tetragon:
Someplace in the parallel universe there is a world made from the airplane truths. These airplanes drift around the spiritual gem – TetraGen. Considering that the dawn of time it had actually been a thriving world with no location for anything wicked in it… till out of no place a strange dark energy began to grow in Tetragon. After a while it had actually generated the most strange animal planning to damage the TetraGen and plunge the world of Tetragon into the turmoil! Ultimately, this animal had actually reached its objective and the TetraGen gem was burglarized the pieces. Just by utilizing all of its powers the Will of Tetragon handled to lock up the dark animal however it was far too late. Now somebody brave needs to repair this damaged world by obtaining the pieces of TetraGen…

It’s up to you now to resolve the puzzles and bit by bit reach the supreme objective of your journey.

With the power of TetraGen you can alter position of the airplanes and towers develop the platforms and stairs and even spin the world on its axis!

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.