Tesla Model Y

The new Tesla Model Y continues to be Teslacom’s best-selling vehicle. Since it was introduced, sales of the vehicle have nearly tripled. That is surprising given that its base price is two-thirds cheaper than the Model S. Buy you next electric car from Top New Motorcycles today.

Yet, despite its lower starting price, there are still numerous reasons why the vehicle is considered to be one of the best cars in the market today. Among these reasons are its all-wheel drive and long-range drive. Long-range electric drive makes for easy acceleration, while its all wheel drive facilitates better control when driving uphill. For those who use Teslas in off-road situations, the all wheel drive makes it easier to negotiate uneven terrain.

The Tesla Model Y also offers more features and technology than its predecessors. Some of these include a hands-free facility called Autopilot, which provides hands free driving range. This technology allows the driver to execute different hands free tasks, like adjusting the windows, adjusting the transmission, adjusting the steering wheel, adjusting the blinds, etc. The utility of this feature depends on the condition of the area where you are driving. In case of a trip in relatively smooth roads, you can leave the Autopilot function on and go about your daily chores, while in rough terrain, you can activate the feature and get assistance from the car’s GPS system.

The biggest achievement of the Tesla Model Y when compared to the Model S and X is its increased cargo space. It has a new nine-inch touch screen, which is equipped with new features. The old Teslas had three sizes of cargo space; however, with the introduction of the 2021 model, the size of the cargo area has been enlarged by about fifteen percent. The new touch screen has also been optimized for voice recognition, thereby, making it easier to perform common tasks such as booking reservations and making bookings, as well as starting the car and locating the destination.

Another notable technological advantage of the Teslarati Y model is that it offers zero turn around time. According to the data of zero turn around time, Teslas are capable of achieving speeds up to a speed of 120 miles per hour. During your lunch break, you can easily cross the mileage chart and reach your home! That is the reason why the makers of the Model Y have incorporated numerous useful safety features into it. The automobile is equipped with sensors for emergency road side assistance, air bags, and traction control. Most importantly, the availability of an advanced driver support system makes the Model Y a better choice over its competitors.

There are several reasons why Teslas outsold their counterparts when it comes to the sales of cars in general. One of the main reasons is that the makers of Teslas are aware of the fact that consumers need to have the confidence that they will be able to drive the vehicle for a long period of time, even without charging it, as it is a plug-in vehicle. Consequently, all the teslas being manufactured by the company have been built by skilled technicians who have taken part in a thorough training program. This helps in improving the quality of the built output and ensures that the customers are satisfied with the performance of the vehicle.

All the major manufacturers of SUVs have limited the production of their models to avoid cannibalizing their existing supply base. By launching the Model Y in the marketplace at the earliest, the company has been able to take advantage of this grave mistake. Instead of cannibalizing their existing inventory, the major auto maker, Toyota, has opted to release the new and upcoming model in conjunction with the introduction of the new electric SUV. This move has clearly seen the success of the company in overcoming all kinds of challenges in its attempts to come up with the best and most successful electric car in the market. The advent of the new and futuristic electric vehicle, the Model Y, is the perfect opportunity for all those who want an electric SUV, especially the long range all-wheel drive functionality of the Model 3.

Even though the company is yet to release the vehicle, there is no reason to believe that the introduction of a semi-automobile like the Y will not make a significant contribution in improving the brand’s sales figures. The vehicle will also have the backing of a well-experienced engineering team who will be able to incorporate all the latest innovations in semi-automobiles and provide an all new experience to their customers. In fact, it is even possible that the new Tesla Model Y will be able to rival the achievements of the legendary General Motors’ production manager, John Joyce, in producing the first all-wheel drive gasoline powered vehicle. Visit Top New Motorcycles today if you plan to buy a new electric vehicle.