Terence Crawford sues Bob Arum for $10M, alleges racial bias

Welterweight champ Terence Crawford is looking for almost $10 million in a suit submitted Wednesday versus his previous promoter Bob Arum. The suit declares Arum participated in “revolting racial bias” that avoided Crawford from scheduling huge battles, according to the New york city Post.

Arum and Crawford collaborated for a years prior to dividing in 2021. At the time of the break up, Crawford slammed Arum for stopping working to schedule a battle with Errol Spence Jr. Crawford’s suit declared that was deliberate, which Arum, “Simply does not care about, support, or know how to promote Black fighters.”

The suit — which was submitted in Nevada — likewise implicated Arum’s stepson, Todd DuBoeuf, and Arum’s business, Leading Rank, of stopping working to promote Black fighters. 

Crawford’s suit declared fighters called out Arum’s habits for several years, according to the New york city Post.

“For several years, expert fighters and others in the sports world have actually called out Leading Rank’s owner Bob Arum for his diverse treatment of Black fighters, consisting of those extremely exact same Black fighters that Top Rank is contractually obliged to promote.”

The lawsuit stated Arum gets a free pass for alleged racist comments and actions due to his age and boxing’s “checkered history.” It also alleged boxers in Top Rank are afraid to speak out because they fear they will lose out on fights.

Bob Arum (left) with Terence Crawford (right).

Terence Crawford is suing Bob Arum for nearly $10 million. (Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images)

Bob Arum denies claims of racism

Arum told the Post the lawsuit was “unreasonable,” and that he is not racist. He blamed Crawford’s lack of success on Crawford’s “own failures.”

“Absurd. My whole career — I may have made mistakes — but one thing I cannot be accused of is being a racist. I have promoted scores of top Black boxers.

“We have promoted a number of pay-per-view fights for Terence, all of which have lost money, a lot of money, then to claim we purposely and deliberately lost money because we are racist is nonsense. It is part of what is wrong with our culture.

“I am flabbergasted. If he believes I didn’t do a good job he [Crawford] can plead that [in his suit], but don’t call a man a racist when really this is because of your own failures.”

Arum likewise declared the battle in between Crawford and Spence did not occur since both fighters desired excessive cash. 

Floyd Mayweather made comparable remarks about Bob Arum

Floyd Mayweather — who likewise worked with Arum — made comparable remarks after ending his relationship with Arum. Mayweather declared Arum was “biased against Black fighters” in a 2009 interview with Battle Buzz. Mayweather likewise stated he made less when working with Arum, which Mayweather’s revenues increased a considerable quantity as soon as he left.

That exact same year, Arum declared Mayweather was not an amusing fighter. Arum declared Mayweather was “soft,” which he “shoots up cars” far from the ring. 

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.