Ted Cruz Throws A Fit An Accuses Biden Of Intimidating Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson assaulted ladies in the armed force. The military reacted by disagreeing with Carlson. Ted Cruz is declaring Biden is attempting to daunt Carlson.

Here is Cruz’s letter where he declares that President Biden is running a character assassination versus Fox News’s Tucker Carlson:

Carlson assaulted President Biden for applauding ladies in the military, and after that took it to his normal bonkers level by declaring that pregnant ladies will be combating all of our wars.

Military leaders reacted:

Ted Cruz has actually become a conspiracy that Joe Biden is masterminding to daunt a Fox News host. There is no proof that Biden has actually done anything besides appreciation ladies in the armed force.

Sen. Cruz (R-TX) is attempting to develop a Biden scandal, as he is looking for a platform to introduce his 2024 governmental project.

Republicans have absolutely nothing.

President Biden will visit the nation and advise Americans that Republicans voted versus the stimulus.

Ted Cruz is trying to find a method to smear Biden by safeguarding a sexist pig like Tucker Carlson.

This isn’t going to end well for Sen. Cruz.

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Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.