Ted Cruz Claims Democrats Are Acting Like King George After He Supported Trump’s Coup

Sen. Ted Cruz attempted to compare Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer to King George while neglecting his own assistance for Trump’s coup.


Sen. Cruz stated on Fox News’s Sunday Early morning Futures:

 Exact same thing holds true with masks where they show they are hypocrites we saw a week ago Chuck Schumer dancing away in Puerto Rico with no mask in sight and exact same thing Barack Obama did at Martha’s Vineyard, exact same thing Nancy Pelosi did in northern California. They are huge on guidelines for the little individuals and they see the American individuals as their topics like king George and they don’t use the guidelines to themselves and when it pertains to– I believe a lot of individuals throughout this nation are actually having purchasers regret and are stunned due to the fact that this is not what Joe Biden campaigned on. He stated he was a affordable centrist moderate. 

Ted Cruz Supported Trump’s Coup

Ted Cruz attempted to stop the accreditation of the 2020 governmental election. Domestic terrorists who breached the Capitol on January sixth were captured on video mentioning that they were doing what Sen. Cruz desired.

Sen. Cruz assisted to prompt the attack on democracy. Individuals who assault the system of governance that safeguards individual liberty do not get to sanctimoniously declare that they are protecting flexibility for the little person.

Donald Trump is King George, and Ted Cruz is his jester.

Cruz’s claim that he is securing individual flexibility from Biden may be among the most significant lies that he has actually ever informed.



Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.