Tecmo’s Rygar appears in a new 154-page fan book

We’re ruined for excellent retro video game books nowadays, yet those typically fall under 2 groups. On one side, you have thorough brochures, normally broken down by console or publisher. On the other, anything connected to a huge franchise. Every so often, you stumble onto something so narrow and unknown that there’s no monetary factor for it to exist — simply an author who likes a subject a lot they can’t assist themselves.

That’s The Legend of Argus: The Total History of Rygar, a 154-page deep dive into Tecmo’s traditional shield-swinging platformer series. The book just recently came out in a brand-new prolonged edition with a poster, trading card, and sticker labels — and a luxurious variation of the prolonged edition, which includes a wax pack of trading cards.

A wax pack of trading cards from the deluxe version of The Legend of Argus: The Complete History of Rygar

Image by Matt Leone/Polygon

It’s the example you may anticipate from a book about Mario or Samus, however not a lot from one about a semi-forgotten shirtless hero bring, as foreword author Kurt Kalata calls it, “a gigantic spiked yo-yo.” And it’s wonderful.

Inside the book, you’ll discover a rundown of Rygar history, press clippings, port breakdowns, interviews, fan art, sheet music, puzzles, and breakouts on things like action figures and marketing. It’s all bite-sized, with lots of little areas instead of a longer narrative — which matches the design, created to appear like an old video game publication, and the little, paperback format.

The Legend of Argus is readily available now from author Brian Riggsbee’s site.

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.