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Technology and law enforcement coming together in Anderson

ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA)- The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office is one the largest law enforcement agencies in the state, with nearly 500 employees, now they’re welcoming a new member to their team, the drone.

Anderson county deputies say it’s a normal day for them, getting called to a car accident, a chase, or a shooting.

Recently, it was a call to an apartment complex.

“We had a situation where there was a group of people, one we knew was possibly a very dangerous suspect,” Drone Unit Commander Jon Norton said.

It was with the help of their new drone, that they caught him.

Norton said. “We were able to use the smart track feature that will actually track the person, so we never lost sight of where he went.”

Tracking suspects on the run is just one of the many features on the drone.

It also comes in handy during a car chase.

“It will stay zoomed in on this vehicle, as long as it’s within range of the drone,” Norton said.

Norton says it also can give deputies an idea of what they’re walking into before they go to a scene.

“We can tell them there’s a hot spot in one area of them that they’re coming up on, and it could be a suspect, it could an animal, it could be nothing,” Norton said.

He says the drone could potentially save lives.

“It gives them things to check out that they might not know was there before,” Norton said.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office says they expect other agencies across the state to pick up on this trend of law enforcement and technology coming together.

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