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Tech co-parenting: Here’s how technology can play a crucial role

Divorce can be tough and emotionally exhausting, but more so if there is a child (or children) involved, as the individuals need to continue co-parenting even after separation. This can be challenging for even those who have had an amicable separation. There are multiple things to be considered, from expenses and schedules to having a harmonious correspondence for a healthy upbringing of the child.

Although with careful planning and intent, this can be made possible, technology can play a crucial role here, thus minimising the energy and effort involved.

Enter co-parenting apps. Interestingly, although separation or divorce are somewhat few and far between, there are numerous co-parenting apps available on Google Play Store and Apple Store that one can try. Interestingly, with features like keeping a schedule, uploading important documents, etc, these are not just useful for those divorced, but for married couples, those in a blended family, and even single parents too.

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Although every co-parenting app has its own set of features, some elements are common, such as:

Calendar: Keeping a track of what one is doing and when can be useful when you are co-parenting. It can come in handy to know who is driving the kid to the football class, or for the doctor’s appointment, or other important activities or obligations, especially the custody schedule. Largely every co-parenting app allows the parents to add their schedule for the other to know about. Some such platforms go a step further by allowing grandparents, lawyers, nannies, or other persons who are intimately involved to access the same. 

Secured messaging: Yes, one has WhatsApp and the evergreen email. However, the messaging services offered by co-parenting apps are often slightly distinct. For example, on most such platforms, the correspondence between the parents cannot get lost or be deleted. They can be downloaded too if needed. Hence, none can say, “I didn’t get any text” or “You never sent any text” as there is a way to corroborate. Not just that, many such platforms come with an innovative tone-sensing tool that helps you navigate how certain things should be said by identifying and flagging emotionally charged phrases. Hence, if you say, “It’s all your fault”, chances are that might be flagged as concerning. This might help you avoid an argument or any further friction in the relationship.

Documentation: This feature helps parents to upload important documents and information, spanning from schoolwork to medical records. Hence, if one parent takes the child to the doctor and the kid goes to live with the second for some days, it is easier to keep a track of the medical requirements more easily and conveniently. The same goes for any school assignment, vaccination, etc.

Finances: Managing finances regarding the child collectively might cause friction. Gladly, some co-parenting apps also have fin-tech features that allow one to split the bill, keep a track of bills that are pending and prompt you whenever a payment is due. 

Co-parenting apps

Here are some co-parenting apps that one can explore:

OurFamilyWizard: This app comes with all the above features, from “empowering amicable communication, so your kids can have healthy homes” to tracking expenses. Along with keeping a schedule, it also has the Trade/Swap tool to allow a parent to send a request for sudden changes or alterations to the custody schedule. Then there is the Info Bank that allows co-parents to share crucial documents like medical records, insurance, etc. The OFWpay takes care of the finances, such as tracking expenses, splitting payments, etc. OurFamilyWizard also allows co-parents to share access with others, such as grandparents, lawyers, etc, who might need to view the schedule or access any data. 

WeParent: This is another co-parenting app one can try for amicable communication, keeping track of important schedules and assignments, etc.

Some other similar apps include TalkingParents, AppClose, 2Houses, Fayr, and Amicable co-parenting, which are available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store. There are some dedicated calendar apps, too, such as TimeTree and Cozi, that allows keeping track of important events.

Although there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to parenting, the task might be tougher when it comes to co-parenting, but these apps might aid you in making your task a bit easier.

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