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Taser incident means more police at Alachua County high school games

After a recent incident that caused panic at a high school football game, Alachua County Public Schools will have increased security measures. 

The firing of a Taser at a Buchholz High football game last week was mistaken for the sound of a gun, causing some game attendees to scatter from the stands. In response to the incident, the school district will have an increase in law enforcement at football games, according to a school district spokesperson.

Spokesperson Jackie Johnson said it would be “inappropriate” to share specifics about security measures, but said Chief of Security Casey Hamilton reached out to local law enforcement the day after the incident for solutions to the issue.

“You got the crowd there, people hear a loud noise and just like when people hear fireworks they think it’s gunshots and, of course, it created a little bit of a scare but there were no guns,” said Capt. Kaley Behl, spokeswoman for the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office. 

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