Takeaways from Yankees’ Giancarlo Stanton, including his plans to play outfield

Stanton during first 2021 spring training zoom

Stanton throughout very first 2021 spring training zoom

Giancarlo Stanton was the Yankees’ MVP of the postseason in 2020 — he mashed 6 crowning achievement in the very first 5 video games, and acquired a 1.426 OPS through the ALDS.

However even with his extraordinary efficiency, the Yanks lost to the Tampa Bay Rays in 5 video games.

Now, Stanton hopes he can continue his October success throughout 2021.

Here are some takeaways from Stanton’s very first media accessibility of spring training…

On his and the group’s objectives this season

Stanton stated he wishes to return to manning the outfield “as much as the team needs.”

He likewise stated the Yankees are “tired” of losing the last video game of the season.

“I think we’re tired of looking around in that locker room and at end of year and not being where we want. You don’t want those memories to continue year after year. It’s been repeated often. We know what happened last year and years before that, but that just is what it is. We have to take that leap and get past the hump this year.”

On having fans in attendance during spring training games

The Yankees have not played in front of a crowd since March 12, 2020. Sunday’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays will have around 1,400 fans.

“That’ll be substantial. I understand we’re all anticipating it. No more fans through the speaker system. We require some live action fans, I believe it’ll be fantastic for the fans too to be able to get their mind off of something for a couple hours, come see us play, and take pleasure in being back outdoors and back to some sort of normalcy.

“We know it’s gonna be cool — not to the extent of normal, but it’s better than nothing, for sure.”

On Domingo German

“I think it was very smart to address the team, just to get it out there, get it in the room, and move forward from here. Now, it’s definitely a big mistake he made, and he understands that. At same time, it’s what are you gonna do with that mistake? You’re gonna improve, and look to improve to make everyone around you better, and improve yourself. You can show that, and he looks determined to do so. Now it’s just giving him the chance to show that.

“Once you can get up and stand in front of the team and address how you’re feeling and how you’d like things to go, then that’s when dynamic changes from silence. It’s definitely good that he did that, and we keep moving forward. We’re all here. That’s what team is for, and the clubhouse. We all have difficult things go on, some a lot worse than others, but it’s our job to support in the right way when given the opportunity.”

On ex-Seattle Mariners CEO Kevin Mather’s comments about manipulating service time

“It gives the perspective of what some people in the front office think of us. It’s not everyone in the front office, it’s not every front office, but there are organizations that look to us as a number or a line on a piece of paper. That narrative should change. … It is a business, but have to throw respect while handling business as well. … As much as it’s unfortunate to hear, it’s nothing players didn’t know. It’s good that fans and more people are aware of it.”

Jobber Wiki author Frank Long contributed to this report.