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XT.COM has Listed XTC (X Technology) In Its Main Zone (DeFi)

SINGAPORE, Oct. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- XT.COM has listed X Technology (XTC) in the Main & DeFi Zone and the XTC/USDT trading pair has opened to trading at 2022-10-06 07:00 (UTC). Users are able to deposit XTC for trading since 2022-10-05 07:00(UTC) Withdrawals for XTC has been opened since 2022-10-07 07:00 (UTC) About XTC Token XTC is a BEP-20 token deployed on the Binance Smart chain. This token is primarily used for the exchange of fiat and cryptocurrency so both traditional and new financial systems can seamlessly trade and process different currencies, including cryptocurrencies. Bridges between traditional and modern (neo) payment and banking systems will be implemented to facilitate the transition of financial institutions and consumers to easier banking and payment optio...