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Backlog Club: Have You Seriously Not Played Portal Yet?

Rule number one of Backlog Club: Work through your pile of unplayed video games one at a time, and discuss them with other people. Rule number two of Backlog Club: Don't talk about Backlog Club. Just kidding! Tell everyone. Please. This article is part of our new experimental series, Backlog Club, where we (Nintendo Life!) pick a game that's likely to be on our list of "games we should get around to playing", and then we (NL + you!) spend the next month playing that game. August's pick, as voted for by you lot, is something we've been putting off for a long time... I remember when The Orange Box first came out. I was an avid reader of magazines, but not an avid player of games — I had the GameCube and the Wii, but my PC was a shared family one, and only really capable of running the ...