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How to Promote an Album on the Internet

How to promote an album can be somewhat tricky depending on what the album is all about. If you are promoting your first album it may be easier. However, if your album is a little more mature in nature then you

How to Promote an Album Using This Strategy

The best way to promote an album is for the top indie artists to pick you as their agent. There are however, many who will not even do this, because they feel it’s not necessary.   It is quite common

Album Promotion

There are a lot of things that need to be thought about before embarking on an album promotion plan. A successful album promotion campaign requires a little planning and an awful lot of preparation. The following tips will help you plan ahead of time

How to Promote an Album

If you want to learn how to promote an album, then it is crucial that you know where to start. You need to set some goals so that you can work towards getting where you want to be. Here are a