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How to Write Haiku Poetry

Did you know that haiku poetry originated in Japan? You may have noticed that the Japanese are great poets, but did you know that they have an interesting way of expressing themselves? Do you ever wonder what it was that inspired these

Write Your Own Haiku Poetry and Learn More About it

Why not use it now? What better time than now, when it is National Haikus Poetry Day observed every April 17, National Haikus Poetry Day supports all to experiment with creative form of the Japanese literary genre of haiku poetry.   Haikus are traditionally Japanese

Haiku Poetry – Poet’s Guide to Poetic Writing

What are the features of good haiku poetry? There are different kinds of haiku, and the differences are what make each poem unique. You must be able to analyze the haiku to determine if it is your kind of poetry or not. The

Read Haiku Poetry and Try to Understand What it Means

People who love poetry read haiku poetry and find it to be an amazing form of poetry. If you want to learn to read haiku poetry, you should take a look at this page. It will tell you everything you need to know about haiku poetry and what