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Inner Mongolia’s ‘grain king’ committed to promoting agricultural technology, confident in China’s food security in facing farmers’ expectations

BEIJING, Nov. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- For farmers in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's Tongliao, there were two pieces of good news in recent days: The corn harvest in the fields is abundant, and their female "grain king" who went to Beijing to represent their agrarian region at the CPC National Congress has returned.When Mei Yuanxue returned to her hometown, the Horqin Left Wing Middle Banner in Tongliao, the applauses that echoed in the Great Hall of the People during the Congress were still fresh in her ears and on her mind, while the cheers from local farmers upon her return renewed her enthusiasm and energy. "I can't wait to tell my folks the good news," Mei, director of the agricultural technology promotion center of the Horqin Left Wing Middle Banner's Agriculture and Animal Hu...