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Switch 2 vs. Switch Pro: Which Console Should Nintendo Release Next?

Why Nintendo’s Next Console Should be the Switch Pro

Simply put, many of the reasons why people have been talking about the Switch Pro for so long are the same reasons why it should be Nintendo’s next hardware release.

People love the Nintendo Switch. The console’s historic sales reveal its market success, but the Switch’s true legacy is found in the excited voices of owners who speak glowingly about it. The Switch is a genuine hardware phenomenon that has stolen the hearts of various kinds of gamers. It’s a fundamentally fantastic piece of hardware bolstered by an incredible collection of games.

However, even those who love their Switch will have a hard time arguing against the fact that the console is showing its age. The Switch wasn’t a powerhouse out of the gate, and its performance shortcomings have only become more apparent over the years. Yes, the Switch OLED offered handheld Switch fans some much-needed improvements, but it only can only do so much for Switch games. The poor performance of major titles like Pokémon Scarlet and Violet raises reasonable questions about whether or not we’ve reached the absolute limits of what the Switch can do.

In theory, a device like the Switch Pro extends those limits. While there is no way the Switch will ever be as powerful as the PS5 or Xbox Series X, that’s not necessarily what Switch Pro advocates are looking for. They want better load times, 4K output resolution, and the slightly more powerful components needed to allow the Switch to better support more modern gaming experiences (most notably, larger open-world titles). In short, they want a better Switch. The Switch is a gold mine, and you don’t abandon a gold mine just because part of it has run dry. Instead, you dig a little deeper.

Besides, there are millions of the Switch’s 118 million+ owners who probably don’t even want to upgrade their console yet. They’re perfectly happy playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and a few indie/retro titles. Theoretically, a Switch Pro satisfies those Switch owners as well. If you’re happy with your Switch, you don’t need to do anything. If you want a more powerful Switch, there’s one out there for you that probably costs less than an entirely new console would.

It may be a long time before another gaming console matches or surpasses the Switch’s sales success and cultural impact. That being the case, why should Nintendo be in such a hurry to abandon it when they could simply extend the console’s lifespan?

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